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DPK32rail layer is composed by host machine (Cart No.1), Cart No.2 and flip gantry.The parallel operation order is: host machine lays the track, Cart No.2transports, and the flip gantry lifts and loads. This means: the track paneltrain enters, the flip gantry lifts the track panel, and loads them to cartNo.2, the cart No.2 transports the track panel to the rear end of host machine,the dragging winch drags track panel to the host machine and returns theguiding-rail to cart No.2. The cart No.2 returns to the flip gantry with noload, meanwhile, the host machine starts laying track.

Whilelaying track, the machine arm rises from transporting state to working state,the crown block operates, in order to alignment the rail hanging pole with thetrack panel to be laid. Rail hanging pole lands, the automatic coupler couplesthe track panel, and then the pole rises, raising the track panel 20cm.  Crown block moves forward, and the hostmachine also moves forward. When the track panel separates from host machine, thepole starts to land, after locating well with laid track, the track panel landson the roadbed. The host machine moves forward along the newly-laid track,meanwhile, the crown block returns, to lift another group of track panel,finishing a working cycle, repeating the above procedure. While laying curverail, use the arm swinging mechanism to swing the front part of arm, finishingthe job.

1.Host machine:

Weight       138t

Dimensions    49050×3664×6610mm

Operation load  120t

Rated capacity  32terecting girder of 16m24tlaying trackincluding spreader

Track panel capacity    6 layersof track panel of 25m(Ⅲ sleepers of 60kg, tool rail

Power       120kW

Gauge       1435mm

Traveling   06km/h variable speedpower 3×24kW
Technical speed
Height:     1460mm
Segments of structure
   two parts: 17200+10800mm
Segments of arm
  threeparts: 14790+12000+12800mm

2Cart No.2

Load capacity  2×60t

Weight       2×26t

Gauge       1435mm

Dimensions    28050×2700×1756mm

Height:    1486mm

Power       120 kW

3Flip gantry

Quantity       2 gantries

Lifting capacity     60t/gantry

Hydraulic system’s pressure15MPa

Generator power  24kWeach one

Weight       10.8t

Gantry spacing  3800mm

Dimensions    6140×3200×5855mm

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