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Greenhouse Introduction:

Multispan plastic film arch greenhouse is special designed for the area where has relative higher temperature in winter. Through the strict compression test, the greenhouse shows an excellent performance, especially in the heavy windy area. The covering plastic also allows very good transmission of the sunlight.

1. Framework Structure:  Hot dipped galvanized steel structure.

This kind of special treated steel has good anticorrosion and antirust effects, which extends the service life of the greenhouse. Special designed structure and accessories make sure the outstanding performance of the greenhouse.

2. Covering Material: Single Layer PE Film 

Single Layer PEP Long Life Film is tri-extruded by the anti-UV layer, anti-static layer and anti-dripping layer. It has the good quality of high light transmission, warm-keep, high light reflection, anti-dust, anti-dripping, anti-fog, insect-proof, long life and large size etc. The quality guarantee is 1 and half year, the life time could be at least 5 years under normal condition.

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Q:Garden hose repair: brass or plastic mender?
The only time plastic fittings have seemed to come in handy for me is when it is being connected with another fitting made of plastic, such as a plastic nozzle/sprayer, etc. Plastic nozzles are (unfortunately) fairly common these days, and are made for the same reason as plastic menders (cheapness, naturally). -Plastic menders/fittings are standard for in-ground lawn irrigation systems however.... Long story short? Go with Brass fittings/menders. (actually the menders are usually zinc) Also try for Gilmour products over Nelson ones. See the watering/hose ends section in link below
Q:Can plastic surgery affect looks on offsprings?
No, obviously it doesn't affect children's looks. Plastic surgery does not change your genetic makeup, just your outward appearance.
Q:my cat ate plastic. ways without vet?
Unless you have x-ray vision and means to perform an exploratory abdominal surgery, there is no way to cure him at home without a vet. A cat that has eaten plastic and is now vomiting and not eating most likely has a blockage and the ONLY treatment for a blockage is surgery! If there is no vet where you are, call a cab and go to one. Otherwise, you might as well start digging a hole now.
Q:What is the environmental impact of producing plastic?
The problem is disposing of plastic: the molecules are too large to be broken down by bacteria and fungi. Therefore, plastic becomes non-biodegradable. There are two ways (that I know of) to get around this: 1) Insert a cobalt atom into the plastic molecule at the manufacturing level, or 2) introduce a sugar molecule into the plastic molecule at the manufacturing level. This will allow the plastic (on a molecular level) to break down (becoming biodegradable). The disadvantage of this is in the reduced 'shelf-life' of the product.
Q:can plastic bottles be used as a storage container for:?
They are separate kinds of process.
Q:precautions when disposing plastic?
Look for a number in a little triangle on the plastic item which will advise you if it can be recycled or not. Unfortunately not all plastics can be recycled and some have to be put in the garbage. But if you have a recycling bin like we do, the local council (what's your equivalent in the US?) will tell you what can go in it, what can't, and what can go to other collection centres and where they are. We are having plastic shopping bags banned in supermarkets from next month which is excellent, I have been taking my own bags for shopping for years. I think you have paper bags in the US supermarkets - they can be recycled? but it's better to take your own and keep reusing them. Edit Just a thought: If you were thinking about danger, then my concern would be that children shouldn't have plastic bags they could suffocate in, and that some plastics give off toxic fumes if burnt.
Q:Is plastic harmful? blablabal?
I don't trust plastic. When heated I know it can leach out carcinogenic chemicals. It's full of them. I don't know if just putting a bottle cap in your mouth would do it but there are no benefits from doing that. Seems like the rise of cancer coincides with the rise of plastic materials.I wonder if your parents never drink out of a plastic bottle. My suggestion is don't heat food in plastic or pour hot liquids into a plastic container to drink.
Q:Does your cat chew on plastic?
Someone had told me that fish oil is sometime used in the production of plastic bags and that's why they like to lick it. Don't let your cat chew it, it might get a blockage inside and that is dangerous very expensive, as the vet will need to operate to remove the plastic. Best to keep the plastic bags away from your cat, and as someone has already suggested, use recycle bags instead. Bag handles can entangle around the cat's neck, so don't let it play with bags, however amusing it may seem, just put all bags away after use, or cut off the handles of a old bag so the cat can play hide till it's heart content.
Q:Plastic in racecars.?
Most race cars use various types of aluminum or carbon fiber instead of plastic. For many applications aluminum is a better choice over plastic. Carbon fiber is the way to go to get rid of extra weight but isn't as user friendly as aluminum.
Q:help with introductory paragraph about plastic surgery?
you can talk about their harmful affects on hollywood

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