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Greenhouse Introduction:

Multispan plastic film arch greenhouse is special designed for the area where has relative higher temperature in winter. Through the strict compression test, the greenhouse shows an excellent performance, especially in the heavy windy area. The covering plastic also allows very good transmission of the sunlight.

1. Framework Structure:  Hot dipped galvanized steel structure.

This kind of special treated steel has good anticorrosion and antirust effects, which extends the service life of the greenhouse. Special designed structure and accessories make sure the outstanding performance of the greenhouse.

2. Covering Material: Single Layer PE Film 

Single Layer PEP Long Life Film is tri-extruded by the anti-UV layer, anti-static layer and anti-dripping layer. It has the good quality of high light transmission, warm-keep, high light reflection, anti-dust, anti-dripping, anti-fog, insect-proof, long life and large size etc. The quality guarantee is 1 and half year, the life time could be at least 5 years under normal condition.

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Q:tell me a speech on evil of using plastic bags?
Plastic bags have long since been a staple of society. You go to the store, pile groceries into your cart, and they put them in those oh-so common plastic bags. Everywhere you go to shop they're there, and when you get home you just either keep the bags or, like most people do, throw them away. I can see plastic bags flying around outside, or on the sides of highways and such. That's called littering people! Why make such things if you're jsut going to throw them around! And if they get thrown away in a dump, there's no way taht things going to decompose for another 500-1000 years! Thats at least 3 generations that that trash will last! Not to mention the fact that we make so many, that who knows how many are already slowly decomposing. You people who at leastdont try to reuse plastic bags are evil people. You should be forced to wear a giant sign taped to your foreheads that says If your grandchildren and their children grow up in a trash heap of a planet then I'm to blame. Well, I can't do better than that. Hope it helps! Lol, not bad considering I wrote this.
Q:Is it dangerous to chew plastic?
complex matter. search onto the search engines. this might help!
Q:Floating Plastics..?
That would have to depend on how the plastic was to be used, wouldn't it? If, for example, you wanted to place a marker in the water so you know where your crab trap was set, you would want it to float. If, on the other hand, the crab trap was made of plastic and you wanted it to stay on the bottom, you would want it to sink. So the answer to your question really depends on the use to which the plastic will be put.
Q:avoid plastics as far as possible! comment this advice?
Ans: Plastics are non-biodegradable materials. They take several years to decompose. It is not environment friendly and causes environment pollution. Also burning process of plastics is quite slow. In the process of burning it releases lots of poisonous gas into the atmosphere causing air pollution. Some plastics can’t be recycled and so, it is very difficult to finally dispose off such materials. Polythene bags, carelessly thrown in an eating garbage can cause death for the animals like - cows, dogs etc or sometimes even become a cause for clogging of the drains. The only solution to get rid of these problems is to reduce the use of plastics. There lies the justification for saying that ‘Avoid plastics as far as possible’. Hi,Sangeetha,does this help u?
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Q:Question about plastic dog bowls?
I have never heard of a plastic water dish turning a dog's nose pink, and I really don't think that is the case. I use stainless steel dishes for my dog's food and water though, because they are easier to clean and don't scratch. Plastic scratches, and bacteria can grow in the grooves of the scratches and infect their food or water. It also tends to stain and hold onto smells, which I don't like. There is also some evidence that some plastic dog dishes leech out chemicals into the water, so your dog could potentially be drinking trace amounts of chemicals in the water. Stainless steel wipes out clean with a warm cloth, doesn't scratch, doesn't hold smells, and doesn't leech chemicals which is why I prefer it. Interestingly, my dog refuses to drink water from a plastic water bottle, and I think it is because of the chemicals in the plastic. She will drink water from any other source - a stainless steel water bottle, a hose, a pond, anything... except for a plastic water bottle.
Q:what kind of paint will stick to plastic?
Go to Lowes and in the spray paint section you will see paint for lawn furniture. just make sure the surface in really clean and dry and leave it in the Sun for a little while so the UV rays can make the paint harden. You can use different shape sticker to paint over and peel them off, but do this with the vinyl stickers. the metallic sticker don't come off very easy.
Q:How to get plastic oxidized ?
You can expose them to bacterial or fungal enzymes. That is an extremely broad category and they are likely to have some effect under certain circumstances. You can expose it to a strong oxidizer like ozone. Some would form from lightning strikes. It would probably take hundreds of years to seriously degrade some plastic that way. Some plastic would be seriously affected by some powerful chemical oxidizer. It would be unusual to find natural oxidizers more active unless you include the ionizing effects of UV light on the oxidizer itself. It may become a free radical and become far more reactive. Most of that would probably involve making compounds that are soluble in water so chemicals are leached away.

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