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R410A gas, environmentally friendly.
Free modular combination.
Unique defrosting flow path.
Air side reserved special defrosting flow path, when the system is defrosting, the four-way valve is reversing , the system will absorb energy from special defrosting flow path, the defrosting progress will have no impact on water temperature.
High efficiency compressor.
For 50Hz units, Copeland’s efficient scroll compressor.
For 60Hz unit, Danfoss’s efficient scroll compressor.
Flexible design, low temperature design guarantees performance.
Electric water flow valve supplies hot water at a stable temperature and expands the life of compressor.
50Hz units are CE certified.

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Q:Water storage capacity of solar water heater
To determine the day with hot water, the total amount of P (kg) P (kg), F (kg) /m2, to obtain the solar collector area of S (M2), per square meter of solar collector with 0.1m3 thermal water tank capacity ratio can be calculated, the heat preservation water tank capacity: V=S (M2) *0.1m3/m2.
Q:What are the materials of solar water heater?
According to the structure of the solar water heater is divided into vacuum tube solar water heater and flat type solar water heater, mainly vacuum tube solar water heater, occupy 95% of the domestic market share. Vacuum tube type solar water heater is composed of a heat collecting pipe, a water storage tank and bracket and other related parts, converting solar energy into heat energy mainly rely on vacuum tube, vacuum tube using the principle of cold water sinking floating, the water circulation and desired hot water.
Q:Why can not go on the solar water heater
The reasons for not water1 the water in the water tank has been emptied. To be used after the water is filled with hot water2 pipeline interface off or blocked. Contact the maintenance department for repair or replacement
Q:Solar water heaters use solar energy or heat?
4, thermal power generation, photovoltaic power generation can, but the cost is very high, and the conversion efficiency is very low (about four dollars per kilowatt), there is a thermal power generation technology is not very mature, is the first light energy is converted to heat, then into electricity, for now still less.
Q:The solar water heater is broken
If your water is tap water, according to the floor level and the need to provide water, plus a booster in the electromagnetic valve before the pump (market 90W 120W head 10 meters, 13 meters head automatic booster pump, and other specifications optional)
Q:My solar water heater is 365 days a year to open the power supply, would like to ask the next solar water heater has been able to open it?
So, the water in your tank is about 45-80 degreesThere is no possibility of explosion, as you said that the accident, nor because of long-term solar energy!
Q:Feasibility of using solar water heater for household heating
Air energy heat pump water heater industry pioneer in the careful cultivation has been gradually recognized by the majority of consumers. Her advanced nature lies in the very energy saving and environmental protection, with other water heater can not be replaced.
Q:OEM solar water heater 10I'm going to get some solar retail
OEM: it is not not a fraud, but a number of well-known companies in order to seize the market share of certain products, and in a number of unknown manufacturers commissioned to oversee the manufacture of products. Solar energy is also the same, for example, we all know that Haier is a professional production of refrigeration, solar products, natural oem.
Q:How solar water heater winter.
To the winter, how to use or maintenance to make solar water heater life. This question is often asked, I simply say a few points, may be able to help busy.First of all: solar vacuum tube is generally difficult to freeze, mainly due to the vacuum tube is made of high boron silicon. The mechanical strength is relatively large, but also absorbs part of the heat, there is no need to do this in the vacuum tube, in winter, even worried that we are incapable of action, remove the vacuum tube is very troublesome, but also worried about the damage of silicon rubber ring. So, we don't have to go to the vacuum tube. So far, we have not heard about the vacuum tube cracking reports.
Q:Solar water heater is not hot how to do
In addition, if the water feeding mode is automatic, to see whether there is water tank Water Leakage problem, if there is Water Leakage fault, the tank slowly go out Water Leakage, and tap water has continued to add cold water to the water tank, the water in the tank will not hot.

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