Flat Plate Collector FPC1200A

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* Easy installation, long service lifetime.
* Better to be put in above-zero environment.
* Adjustable frame, easy to be installed in different places.
* Copper and aluminum composite panel, working with 6 bar pressure, test pressure: 10 bar

Type Flat Plate Collector
Pressure Pressurized
Circulation Type Indirect / Closed Loop (Passive)
Connection Type Split
Certification CE, Solar Keymark
Model Number FPC1200A
Recommend region world wide

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Q:What is the principle of wall mounted solar energy?
Wall mounted solar energyWall mounted solar balcony wall hanging solar energy belongs to the separation of solar hot water system, water tank placed in the balcony, the collector placed on the balcony in the south of the building. Its working principle is: the use of flat tube will absorb solar radiation into heat. By using the siphon principle, the heat energy can reach the water tank and the water, so that the water temperature in the water tank is gradually increased.
Q:30 people use solar water heater which brand
Model recommendations: the average amount of water per person is about 60L, 30 people need 1800L. The 60L has to mix cold water, if the water temperature is high, then the amount of solar energy is about 40L. There is a gold Dongguan Himin machine 36, tank capacity 380L, four machine 1520L, can completely meet the needs of 30 people at the same time take a bath, but also ensure the winter use, the cost is very high.
Q:Solar water heater can not put down hot water
First, the solar water heater can not put down the hot water1, solar water heater dust too thickSolar water heater for a long time, many people do not pay attention to cleaning up the work. Therefore, a large number of solar heat absorbing tubes gathered above the dust, affecting the absorption of solar energy absorption tube, it will cause solar water
Q:Long term use of solar water heaters should not be how to maintain?
Long term maintenance method of solar water heater:1 do a clean up and clean the water heater.
Q:Air water heater advantages and disadvantages?
Shortcomings:1 large size: air source water heater can generally be divided into integral and split two, because the city family bathroom is generally small, so no matter what kind of type, its huge body or let consumers. And requires the installation on the ground or roof, the home environment requirements are relatively high.2 frost: obvious regional characteristics, because of its environmental temperature dependence is too large, easily affected by the surrounding air environment, where the weather was cold, when the ambient temperature is low, the production of hot water quantity will decrease slightly. Therefore, the problem is also a big problem to solve frosting.3: easy to burn out compressor currently on the market of air circulation heating system is widely used in water heater, running at high temperature and high pressure conditions, easy to make the compressor aging, carbonation, if the lubrication system is not good, it is easy to cause the compressor to be burned.
Q:Open a solar water heater manufacturers need to have what conditions
(30 yuan can help you retrieve 5 names, so many names repeat, common names do not try, avoid wasting the money) 2 rent: a special office to rent an office, if you own a factory or office can, in some places is not allowed in residential buildings in the office. Rental housing rental contracts to be signed, and the landlord to provide a copy of real estate license. Sign the rental contract, but also to the tax bureau to buy stamp tax, annual rental rate of 1/1000 of the purchase, such as your annual rent is 10 thousand yuan, tax 10 yuan would buy, attached to the rent contract home, followed by those who need to use the rent contract in place, need to copy the contract a post stamp tax.
Q:How to clean solar water heater
Specific method is:1, when all the water in the water tank is completed, each vacuum tube with both hands to hold back and forth rotation, so that the vacuum tube and the water tank on the loose ring, and then pushed into the tank;2, when the bottom of the vacuum tube can be removed from the fixed base, then the vacuum tube out of the water tank out;
Q:Solar water heater is good
When heating without water pump pressure; continuous cloudy water temperature is not enough when you need to start the electric heating; in fact, the structure of the solar water heater is very simple, relatively easy to trouble only electronic pump. Now most of the whole machine is guaranteed 1-3 years, heat collection tube for 5 years;
Q:Villa solar water heater, villa solar water heater
Villa solar water heater from abroad, has been extended for decades in Europe and the United States, because of its price is 2-3 times of ordinary solar energy, so in the domestic promotion is relatively slow, and now the vast majority of domestic solar water heater is one of the non pressure, due to the non pressure solar water heater using little pressure, Sheung Shui easy to control problems, many problems such as unsightly appearance installation, villa type solar water heater has the advantages of high water pressure, no management, beautiful appearance and has gradually been favored by wealthy families.
Q:What can replace the solar water heater
Air energy heat pump water heater! Air energy water heater mainly to the air to heat, with solar water heater energy saving, environmental protection, safety advantages, but also solve the problem of the solar water heater air heater can rely on the sun heat and installation inconvenience. The air heater to heat the heat exchange through the media, does not need the electric heating element in contact with water, there is no danger of leakage of the electric water heater, gas water heater also eliminates the risk of poisoning and explosions, but no fuel heater exhaust emissions caused by air pollution. [1]

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