Flat Plate Collector FPC1200A

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* Easy installation, long service lifetime.
* Better to be put in above-zero environment.
* Adjustable frame, easy to be installed in different places.
* Copper and aluminum composite panel, working with 6 bar pressure, test pressure: 10 bar

Type Flat Plate Collector
Pressure Pressurized
Circulation Type Indirect / Closed Loop (Passive)
Connection Type Split
Certification CE, Solar Keymark
Model Number FPC1200A
Recommend region world wide

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Q:Solar water heater is how to work?
4, the color of the vacuum tube (single, all) whether there is no color difference, is the same. 5, price: 58 yuan (including 100-120 diameter pipe installation materials: on pipes, insulation materials, overflow pipe, electric heating wire, the upper and lower joints, indoor water supply system, a total valve, without additional function: electric heating, microcomputer, with tropical etc.)6, capacity: insulation material removed about 5 cm (see section outlet side position, its lower end to the bottom of the tank is the thickness of the insulation layer) is the volume of the water tank is cylindrical, the volume, the user is basically the amount of water available.
Q:Solar water heater inside the scale how to clean it?
Cleaning method of solar water heater scale, the water out of the tank, the hands hold the vacuum tube rotate back and forth, make its loose, then turn on the water tank to the bottom to push out from the base, and then pulled down, so that you can remove the vacuum tube, the vacuum tube in the water drained, and then use clean water repeatedly rinse clean, which in turn will be vacuum tube after cleaning the tank to add tap water, so that the scale in the water tank outflow, and then one by one the vacuum tube can be installed, the installation should check the sealing ring mounting hole of the water tank is intact, if damaged, should be replaced with a new sealing ring.
Q:Water storage capacity of solar water heater
The solar hot water tank the water storage is equivalent to the amount of hot water a day, first of all should be clear, the number of users resident per capita amount of hot water, hot water and then calculate the total day, according to the amount of hot water and 1m2 solar collector hot water capacity of F (75 90kg/.M2)
Q:Solar water heater has shown how to do water
First, the instrument may be broken, the proposed maintenance.Second, look at the water level sensor probe, is not considered pulled out, not immersed in water. So I can't get the water
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar water heater?
Advantages of solar water heaters:1, solar energy efficient and save money, will not pollute the environment.2, solar water heater service life is very long, reasonable use, its life can be as long as 15 years.
Q:Solar water heaters use solar energy or heat?
5, the domestic solar energy utilization is mainly thermal (mainly solar water heater as the representative), followed by photovoltaic (solar street lights, etc.), but in Japan, the use of solar energy is mainly through photovoltaic power generation
Q:Classification of solar water heaters
3 ceramic hollow flat plate solar water heaterCeramic solar panels are a common ceramic matrix, three-dimensional mesh surface layer of V-Ti black ceramics hollow thin-walled flat box type solar collector. Ceramic solar panels for the whole ceramic material, waterproof, impermeable, high strength, good rigidity, no corrosion, not aging, do not fade, non-toxic, harmless, non radioactive, sunlight absorption rate does not decay, with long-term high photothermal conversion efficiency. By the national solar water heater quality supervision and inspection center detection, the solar absorption ratio of ceramic solar panels is 0.95, the solar energy of the solar energy roof of concrete structure is 8.6MJ, much higher than the national standard. Ceramic solar panel manufacturing, low cost, light absorption ratio does not decay, with life and architecture, can be used for concrete structure and the roof structure shared ceramic layer and the insulating layer, waterproof layer, simple structure, good insulation effect on the original roof, and building integrated solar roof, wall, balcony guardrail surface Xiangyang provide hot water, heating, air conditioning, building; provide heat energy for agriculture and aquaculture; can be used for large-scale desert solar hot water power generation, wind power generation, desalination, brackish water desalination, turn the desert into farmland.
Q:How to use solar water heater controller
Take a look at this line is not, the general control instrument used are almostThe use of solar water heater microcomputer intelligent measurement and control instrument
Q:What is the principle of wall mounted solar energy?
1 working principle of flat plate collectorThe hot water system is fin flat plate collector which will absorb solar radiation into heat energy, the heat collector tube and the refrigerant temperature rising, the hydrothermal features of low density, cold liquid density, through the circulation line, the formation of cold water at the top between the heat collector and the water tank, hot water from the natural circulation. Through this cycle, so that the water tank gradually warming. Since the working fluid in the flat plate collector is a low temperature resistant liquid, it can be kept at 40 degrees below zero. So even if the cold area, the normal operation of the year.
Q:Solar water heater can be used in winter?
In winter sunny generally can be used normally, when the temperature is below 0 DEG C, the best day of small, repeatedly used in water heaters, especially before going to bed at night and second days after getting up, put a small amount of water to make the water flow inside the pipe, depending on the water temperature to increase the pipeline temperature, the temperature lower than water to water pipe is frozen.

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