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* Frame: coated galvanized steel, special triangle design, strong and practical.
* Using professional test system including equipment imported from German to guarantee the quality of the whole solar system.
* Different specifications to meet the requirement of different building conditions. Easy installation, small area
* Environmentally friendly, small investment with huge payback. Flexible combination and convenient operation according to customers' requirement help to reduce the cost. It only takes 3-5 years to recoup the cost and is long-term beneficial. More economic that gas and electric heating system
* Natural circulation without pumps. More economic
* Suitable for big project, more widely used in school, office, manufactory factory, breeding room, electroplating factory, fermenting factory, food factory and other hot-water-needed factory.
* The heat exchange efficiency of U pipe collector is better than that of heat pipe.

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Q:Solar water heater for a long time will not be bad
Light switch is not tight, heavy water tank leakage. So, if you do not use solar water heater for a long time, to turn off the water switch, the water tank completely discharged clean, with a visor to cover the battery board can be.
Q:How to turn off the solar water heater
Most of the heat is only transmitted to the glass tube inside the water, the water heating glass tube, heating the water light along the glass tube heating surface to enter the insulation water storage barrel, the barrel temperature is relatively low water along the glass tube into the back surface of glass tube, this constant cycle, the heat storage barrel the water is heated, so as to achieve the purpose of water.
Q:There are several kinds of solar water heater
The types of solar water heater solar water heater can be divided into the following categories:
Q:Winter solar water heater easy to use
Many people want to install solar water heaters, because users can save a lot of money, and now the country to promote energy conservation and environmental protection projects. Such a thing for the country to their advantage no one wants to miss. However, the problem is that solar energy in the cold winter can not be used properly? Will not be frozen pipe it? Lead to solar energy can not be used normally? On this point there are a lot of customers to consult me, here I can tell you that as long as there will be hot water. As for the pipe will not freeze this we can be assured, because I also have agency in the Heilongjiang area, has been done for almost two years, sales have been very good, if you are living in an environment not cold there, please rest assured that!!!
Q:What are the materials of solar water heater?
Three, bracket: material for stainless steel, aluminum alloy or steel spray.The utility model relates to a solar water heater, which is a device for converting solar energy into heat energy, which is used for heating water from low temperature to high temperature, so as to meet the requirement of hot water use in people's life and production.
Q:What is the specification of the water supply pipe of the solar water heater?Plastic tube diameter is asked
Then install the 15 caliber, according to the situation of which type of water pipe
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of solar water heater
3, solar water heater for several days without water are generally more hot water, more than 70 DEG C, especially in summer sunny weather for more than 2 days, the water will boil, to be properly cooling at night, keep the water temperature at 60 to 70 DEG C. region for a long time, and this is the temperature region excellent water temperature of the bacteria, so several days or without water, poor water quality, bacteria, to be discharged, can not take a bath or used for boiling water drinking.
Q:How to do solar water heater frozen
4, the flow of water is not easy to freeze, this principle can be used to prevent the freezing of solar pipe. Low temperature sunny day, the water heater is filled with water, several times a day, let the water heater in the warm water cooling water pipe to prevent freezing cold weather; not heated, open the tap, adjust the water flow velocity, the formation of water droplets, so as to prevent the freezing pipes. It should be noted that the method of freezing water is limited, when the temperature is below 5 degrees below zero, this method is basically useless.5, the most effective method is to install the pipeline antifreeze with tropical, usually pay attention to weather forecasts, or a thermometer at home, when the temperature is below zero, turn on the tropical power supply to the pipe insulation to prevent freezing
Q:How to correctly use solar water heater
Using techniques of solar water heater:A, take a bath, if the water in the solar water heater has been exhausted, but people still do not wash clean, then can last a few minutes in cold water, use cold water sink, hot water floating principle, the vacuum tube in a hot water bath, can
Q:Solar water heater should be simple to work about twenty words
Solar water heater is a photothermal converter, different from the traditional natural use, such as drying, lighting

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