Compact Solar Water Heater

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TypeEvacuated Tube
Circulation TypeOther
Heating SystemThermosyphon (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
CertificationCE, Solar Keymark, SABS
Model NumberTZ58/1800-10,15,20,24,30
Recommend regionAsia, Africa, Latin America

Key points
Inner tank: stainless steel SUS304-0.5mm
Vacuum tube: QB-AL-N/AL-47-1500/58-1800
Outer tank: painted steel-0.4mm/aluminum-zinc coated steel-0.45mm/stainless steel SUS304
Insulation: polyurethane
Frame: coated galvanized steel-1.5mm/stainless steel SUS430-1.5mm

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Q:Why does the solar water heater not hot water?
The main reasons and solutions of the solar water heater without hot waterReason: solar water heater vacuum tube damage.Solution: replace the vacuum tube can be.Reason two: sewer pipe, valve or joint leakage.Solution: check the sewer line, find the leak, symptomatic repair.
Q:Feasibility of using solar water heater for household heating
Air energy manufacturers have grown from 216 in 2008 to today's 461. As for what brand is not important, it is important to look at a few key data: 1, whether it is true air energy (source)? The real air can be without any electric heating auxiliary, in winter, 15 degrees below zero can also be normal start and COP value of more than 1.6, if the electric heating that becomes a high price electric boiler. 2, the average annual energy efficiency ratio (COP) is how much? Generally should be around 4.8. 3, is the air conditioner to change? Air conditioner can not only the transformation of the air below 5 degrees can not normally start and electricity heating, it can not be normal when the ambient temperature is above 40 degrees, but also to use electric heating. 4, the real air in the production of hot water to reach 50 degrees when the system pressure is not more than 22 kg. If exceeded, the equipment often work under high temperature and pressure environment will seriously affect its service life.
Q:Why is the heating surface of the solar water heater tilted
Because, we must rely on the high temperature of the water is heated, the proportion of light, light and hot water by hydraulic principle, by the heat collecting plate is set above the water into the water, by the back to the heat storage bucket of hot plate, so the collector must have a certain inclination angle, the installation angle of the generalAdd about 10 degrees to the local latitude..
Q:Solar water heaters have odor, for what reason, how to do?
Occupy 95% of the domestic market share. Vacuum tube type solar water heater is composed of a heat collecting pipe, a water storage tank and bracket and other related parts, converting solar energy into heat energy mainly rely on vacuum tube, vacuum tube using the principle of cold water sinking floating, the water circulation and desired hot water.
Q:Solar water heater is full of water soon after running out of what is going on
The water level sensor should be broken, leading to the wrong operation of the control device and can not be normal Sheung Shui, there is no natural water bath, it is recommended to replace the sensor.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar water heater?
In the summer of 4, sunny weather conditions, less than two days water temperature can reach the boiling point, if a long time without water, such as travel, tourism, to make the water a long time at high temperature and high pressure condition, will accelerate the aging of the sealing ring, accelerated aging, polyurethane shrink, sometimes the exhaust is not smooth, too much pressure the water tank will swell bad, will shorten the life of furring, water tank. Therefore, if you are not at home for a long time, you should arrange for others to put hot water on the cold water, or put a cover on the vacuum tube collector to block the sun.
Q:What is the specification of the water supply pipe of the solar water heater?Plastic tube diameter is asked
Under normal circumstances are 20 caliber pipe. If the customer home water flow is small
Q:TMC navigation solar water heater how to use intelligent instruments
5 water level indicator: display solar water heater inside the water6 water shortage tip: when the water level from high to low, there is a lack of water state, beep alarm, while the 20% water level flashing7 water shortage: when the water level from high to low, the water shortage, the delay of 30 minutes of water to the preset water level
Q:Solar water heater has shown how to do water
Third, look at the water level probe, is not the above deconstruction, to get rid of the scale, generally able to return to normal.Fourth, look at the pipeline, is not blocked by the scale.Out of the above four problems, it will be normal.
Q:The problem of insufficient water pressure of solar water heater
You're talking about the pressure on the water from the solar energy, isn't it? Cold water should be no problem, right? If only water pressure is not enough it is relatively easy to solve, mainly because of your home solar power installed in the roof, the gap is too small, so down the hot water pressure is small, it is normal to solve it, adding a hot water booster pump, booster pump general

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