Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series

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Details Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series


Specifications Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series


This is very popular with Blue selective coating and 300L water! There are two pcs solar collector! 

It has nice outlook, solar flat plate collector with high efficiency, Different absorb material and size is available, Stable performance and long service life. Ultrasonic welding ensures to conduct the thermal heat to the risers quickly.


Model No.&Specs


Solar collector

Model No.


Absorber material

  Blue selective coating,whole plate by laser welding

Dimension LxWxT


Overall area

2m 2 X2pcs





Water Tank

Circulation Type

Pressurized closed loop

Tank capacity


External dimension


Outer tank material

Prepainted galvanized steel 

Inner tank material

Low carbon steel  with vitreous enamel

Max working pressure


Eelctric booster


Heat exchanger

Dual copper coils

Insulation material


Mounting rack


Aluminum alloy

Bracket style

A: flat roof or B:Sloping roof

Hydraulic Kit


0~10bar, 0~200Celsius degree

Filling valve

Infuse heat medium

Water Pump

Max. discharge flow:3.3 m3/h  , Max. pump discharge : 6 m

Flow meter


T/P valve

0.6Mpa/99Celsius degree

Expansion vessel



Control circulation pump and electric booster

Overall weight

Weight of overall system(empty)(kg)


Weight of overall system(filled)(kg)


Container loading







Advantage Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series


1.Stylish slimline design
2.Highly efficient selective surface collector for optimum heat absorption
3.Thermosiphon operation minimises maintenance - no moving parts
4.Electric booster models available


Usage/Application Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series

Split solar water heater

Balcony wall-mounted system is for Single-storey house, multi-storey building, small high storey,high storey and roof;

Centralized heat collecting and separate storage system is for Hotels, schools,chambers, community, entertainment sites, swimming pools


Packaging & Delivery Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series

Packaging Detai

Packaging DetailExport Carton and Pallet or under customer request.

Delivery Detail10-20days






Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series

Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series








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Q:Solar water heater inside the sediment (stains) how to clean up
Sediment? Is it scale? If it is a scale plus a special scale in addition to the scale of solar scale static appearance like salt, plus after the water, about 1/3 of the water tank, let the water inside the boiling. To the evening to put out on the line, pay attention to put out the water is corrosive can not take a bath or wash your face! Hope to adopt, thank you
Q:According to the installation of a solar water heater to the large area
This can not tell the specific, because the size of the solar water heater tube size is different for different needs, you can refer to the following figure!
Q:How wide is the solar water heater?
The length of the vacuum tube for household solar energy is usually one meter six, one meter, one meter, and one meter (nine).
Q:Solar water heater hot water pipe why burst
2, when the tube in the water less, because of the high temperature steam boiling water to the nozzle to meet air condenses into water when the release of large amounts of heat, vacuum tube overheating expansion burst, but less likely.3, the vacuum tube due to leakage caused by heat preservation, resulting in water pipes in the absence of light when the ice, rising crack vacuum tube.
Q:Solar water heater vacuum tube length?
Microcomputer is fully automatic control, when the heat is not enough to start the electric heating, automatic water supply, automatic detection.
Q:OEM solar water heater 10I'm going to get some solar retail
Once the sales to the fake brand, there is no guarantee of the quality does not say, even the customer service is also a problem, do a year or so, you can not find the business, not to mention the manufacturers, service no guarantee, therefore, must choose the supply of goods, and then grow!
Q:Which kind of solar water heater in the north is better please thank you
Brand choice must not only listen to advertising, it is best to visit the old users, they have the right to speak. I recommend to you for any harsh environment of the "Golden solar energy", A Well-Known Trademark in China, Shandong province consumer satisfaction with products...... food grade 304-2B stainless steel, solar energy in the water safe to drink
Q:What is the structure and principle of solar water heater?
The working principle of solar water heater working principle diagram: DDZ (1), a endothermic processSolar radiation through the glass cover, the water along the fin and tube wall to transfer heat tube is absorbed by the collector. When the water in the heat absorbing pipe absorbs heat, the temperature is increased, and the specific gravity is reduced to rise. With the rising of water stored in the tank top, and at the same time of low temperature of the water circulating pipe, through this way, eventually FCL water rises to a certain temperature. Plate type current collector, basically use the combination of good combination of multiple methods, such as rolling or rolling method, the thermal resistance between the pipe and the water absorbing plate can be ignored. The main factors that affect the performance of plate heat exchanger plate, the first is the structure design,
Q:When solar water heater comes into China
At about 78, 79 years old, Chinese American Tony S. Mr., from the United States took a few full glass tube sample tubes, to study solar Beijing was under construction (the formal establishment of 79 years), caused by the domestic counterparts attention, including Professor Yin Zhiqiang, have seen.
Q:Excellent 800 solar water heater how to adjust the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius and intelligent mode
The weather is hot and hot water utilization rate is fast, but also greatly reduced after-sales service, both time and energy saving. This type of solar energy than ordinary single warehouse in the absence of the sun heating time is only 20-30 minutes, and a single warehouse needs 2-3 hours!
It had been focusing on technical development and scientific management. It has a strong working team of research, production marketing and management. It has many professional employees including some authoritative exports in solar field. It had been cooperating with more than 10 famous universities and has set up a professional research, manufacture base of solar thermal products, solar photovoltaic products

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 1990
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets WORLDWIDE
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department more than 200
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 500 square kilometre
No. of Production Lines 2
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range