Solar Water Heater FS-PTZ Series

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Product Description:

Details Of Solar Flat Plate Collector


Specifications Of Solar Flat Plate Collector


Solar Flat Plate Collector relies on warm water rising, a phenomenon known as natural convection, to circulate water through the evacuated glass tube collector and to the tank. Hot water storage tank is located above the absorber evacuated glass tubes. As water in the absorber heats, it becomes lighter and naturally rises into the tank above. Meanwhile, cooler water in the tank flows downwards into the absorber, thus causing circulation throughout the system


 FS-PTZ Series

Size of Frame(mm)


Size of Fin


Aperture area

2.0 m^2

heat absorption coating

anodic oxidation ;nickel plating

Size of header pipe(mm)


Size of branch pipe(mm)


Frame Material

aluminum alloy

Glass Cover

low iron ultrawhite;toughened glass

Rated working pressure


Carton Dimension








Advantage Of Solar Flat Plate Collector

1. It takes advantage of the tap water’s pressure. More pressure more comfortable. 

2. The water is heated in short time and meeting your demand for hot water. 

3. It can produce more hot water than the general types with continuous hot water coming.



Usage/Application Of Solar Flat Plate Collector

Integrated solar water heater,for independent courtyards such as villa, vacation village, rural housing and flat-roof buildings on the groundfloor. Split solar water heater.

Packaging & Delivery Of Solar Flat Plate Collector

Packaging Detai

Packaging DetailExport Carton and Pallet or under customer request.

Delivery Detail10-20days

 Solar Water Heater FS-PTZ Series


Solar Water Heater FS-PTZ Series

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Q:What is the quality standard of solar water heater
2 insulation layer, the insulation layer plays a vital role, the insulation effect is not good, the temperature drop rate is very fast, especially in the winter, when the night when you want to take a bath, the water temperature is not hot,Good insulation layer using imported raw materials, such as polyurethane, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance; heat preservation process using automatic constant temperature high pressure quantitative foaming, and high temperature curing, high thermal stability and durability. And some poor material thermal conductivity is high, the foam is not uniform, the night temperature can drop more than 10 degrees, there is no hot water in rainy days. There are black hearted enterprises, in order to reduce costs, even the use of homemade benzene board, a few months after the heat preservation effect of a straight line, one or two years after the basic insulation.
Q:Solar water heater has shown how to do water
The water temperature and water level sensor is broken, or the sensor is too thick, the replacement of the sensor can beI hope you can help.
Q:Who invented the solar water heater
Then there's a mirror and two mirrors...... All the way to the sail. After a while the sails were on fire and the enemy was scared to death. Many of the ships in Rome were burned, but the Romans could not find the cause of the fire. After more than 900 years, scientists have introduced the method according to the history of Archimedes created a concave mirror, the successful location of the mirror 45 meters away from the wood, and burnt the distance of 42 meters from the aluminum mirror. Therefore, many historians of science and technology have always regarded Archimedes as the ancestor of solar energy.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar water heater?
Advantages of solar water heaters:1, solar energy efficient and save money, will not pollute the environment.2, solar water heater service life is very long, reasonable use, its life can be as long as 15 years.
Q:How much do you need to buy solar water heaters
This is the main consideration of the number of people in the home, and then consider the number of hot water in winter, it is recommended to buy 12 ---15 tube water heater.
Q:The problem of insufficient water pressure of solar water heater
You're talking about the pressure on the water from the solar energy, isn't it? Cold water should be no problem, right? If only water pressure is not enough it is relatively easy to solve, mainly because of your home solar power installed in the roof, the gap is too small, so down the hot water pressure is small, it is normal to solve it, adding a hot water booster pump, booster pump general
Q:How to buy solar water heater to check its quality?
There are several important issues need to pay attention to: consumers in the purchase, do not covet cheap, and buy some products without quality assurance. So, consumers should be how to identify the quality of it? 3: it is best to find a reputable manufacturers. Because the products are vulnerable products, the general small manufacturers will not consider after-sales warranty, it is necessary to choose the service manufacturers. More than five years to sell the same brand, there is no other brand in the store.
Q:How long is the solar water heater used?
Four, installation and service. The solar water heater installation requirements are very high, professional installation is the winter with the foundation and guarantee. Some brand-name enterprises often around recruit migrant workers formed a guerrilla, also in a hurry without formal training posts, design, these people did not understand the water heater body fixed line professional knowledge, do not understand the product later maintenance, meet the eye everywhere caused problems directly affect the solar water heater "standard of life". For example, for a fixed water heater installation bracket accessories brand by wire, strong, resistant to corrosion, but some small manufacturers are using fixed wire, resulting in some areas a heavy rain, hail and other severe weather, there are a lot of solar water heater crashing to the ground.
Q:The controller of the solar water heater does not show the power on screen
Solar water heater controller power screen does not show the reasons for:1, the transformer is broken;2, the control board is no electricity;3, the chip is broken;4, the display is broken.
Q:Solar water heater in and out of the water pipes are connected to the home with the above?
Solar water heater is the first to enter the cold water storage tank, and then through the heat collector to heat the water tank. The heat storage water tank is connected with the indoor cold and hot water pipeline to form a closed loop. Reasonable design and proper connection of solar energy pipeline is very important for solar energy system to reach the best working condition. Solar energy pipe insulation must be done, the northern cold areas need to be laid in the pipeline with a tropical outer wall, in order to ensure that users can also use solar hot water in cold winter.
It had been focusing on technical development and scientific management. It has a strong working team of research, production marketing and management. It has many professional employees including some authoritative exports in solar field. It had been cooperating with more than 10 famous universities and has set up a professional research, manufacture base of solar thermal products, solar photovoltaic products

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 1990
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets WORLDWIDE
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Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department more than 200
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 500 square kilometre
No. of Production Lines 2
Contract Manufacturing
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