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* High performance evacuated tube collectors
* Can be mounted free-standing or on a pitched roof, easy to install, simple roof fixings
* Heat pipe - offer low maintenance
* No water in the vacuum tubes, no freezing problem in winter, can be used in cold area. One broken tube will not affect the function of the system.
* 3 years warranty, 20+ years lifespan
* Market leading efficiency/output
* Triple layer selective absorber coating, absorption coefficient >94%
* Evacuated tube outer tube thickness >1.8mm
* 24mm high conductivity heat pipe condenser, Nick-coated condenser surface.
* Aluminum frame, strong structure, light weight.
* High and constant pressure of polyurethane foaming technology ensure the outstanding insulation quality.
* Angle adjustable flat roof frame

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Q:Solar water heaters in the summer will not be bad?
There will be effect ~ solar vacuum tube air drying is not good, because the tube wall temperature can reach four hundred degrees, so the air drying vacuum tube will direct sun differential blasting, good vacuum tube as Linuo, will reduce the life, such as this can be used for twenty years, will result in changes in fruit and molecular film the structure of thermal effect due to air drying, reduce the life period.
Q:Air water heater advantages and disadvantages?
It can also play a role in purifying indoor air. 2 efficient dehumidification, convenient and comfortable, 24 hours a day, the maximum amount of moisture in the 6-8 kg, rainy weather and more obvious effect, especially suitable for wet southern weather. Regardless of weather year-round snow, 24 hours of uninterrupted continuous automatic hot water supply, but also convenient than the conventional solar water heater. 3 safety, air water heater can not use gas, so it can be ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning. Will not be heated with electric heating rod, the possibility of excluding leakage. So more secure. 4 to achieve the system operation automation, automatic operation, no duty, with temperature control device and insulation layer, can automatically pay, heating, power, can provide hot water 24 hours. Users can enjoy hot water at any time under any weather conditions.
Q:Solar water heater, gas water heater and electric water heater which is better?
Gas water heater: the use of energy is combustible gas, it has the advantages of fast heating, water, temperature stability, less scale, and small footprint, free from water control. Disadvantages: the use of the process will be due to inadequate combustion and discharge of toxic gases, easy to cause safety accidents;
Q:What do you need to pay attention to in order to make the solar water heater hot?
4, do not fill the water tank, solar water tank on the water is not full, to keep in the half box of water, so that when the heat collector in the sun to heat up half a box of water than a box of water much faster, you can use hot water faster.
Q:How can solar water heaters have electricity?
There is a feeling of electricity, what is your home electrical appliances or wires have been leakage. Your home is now the water pipe, the pipe has been connected to your home ground, so it will not kill, just let people numb.
Q:Solar water heater can produce a lot of hot water a day
By sunlight, the photons hit the coating, solar energy into heat energy, water from the outside of the coating absorbs heat, the water temperature increases, the density decreases, the hot water to move up, and more than a significant drop in cold water. Hot water is always on the upper part of the tank. The temperature rise of the hot water in the solar water heater is not related to the outside temperature. When the opening of the kitchen or bath in any one of the taps, the water heater will rely on the natural fall out, the greater the gap, the higher the water pressure.
Q:Solar water heater and electric water heater which is good
If you do not consider electricity, of course, is the electric water heater, the solar energy in winter can not be used, and can not take a bath at home, do not worry about safety, you have heard of the explosion of the water heater?
Q:Why is my solar water heater out of the hot water is very small
The water pipe is too small or the inside is blocked by the piston, so that the water is extracted through the water pressure, the water pipe is blocked by the piston, and the water is too small.Hot water heater out of the small solution:We can be installed in the hot water outlet of a hot water booster pump, effectively improve the water pressure, so that the water will be great.
Q:OEM solar water heater 10I'm going to get some solar retail
It is not to say that the OEM is false, some manufacturers of the product quality is more clearance, otherwise those manufacturers will not braved the risks of reputation to stick, first of all, even the OEM, or their customer service phone, like 400*-***-*** phone, these are safe.
Q:Solar water heater can be used in winter?
Solar water heater in winter in most parts of our country can be used. In the case of freezing in the northern winter, use the following:

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