Colorful Portable Mobile Power Bank, Useful Mini Mobile Power Charger

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10000 pc/month

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Item specifice:

Certificate: CE/ROHS Color: Pink/White/Orange/Purple/Yellow

Product Description:

Colorful Portable Mobile Power Bank, Useful Mini Mobile Power Charger

Top selling made in china led flashlight CE oem ROHS power bank 5600mah,legoo kawai portable power bank 5600mah      

Product Description

Power bank

China Mainland





Battery Capacity:





DC 5V/1A



Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Socket type



Micro USB / USB 

Battery cell type:

lithium battery,New Grade A

Self-Charging Time


Recharge cycles:

≥ 500 times 100%capacity (about 30%   decrease after 500 times of charging)

Conversion efficiency:



1year warranty

Battery certification

Battery report, CE ,ROHS,MSDS,1.2m drop   test, UL1642, EN62133, UN38.3,Report for air/sea transport

Product Certification:


Devices Supported/Support interface

IPhone, IPod, IPad, Smart phones likes   Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Table PC, MID/PDA, PSP, MP3, MP4   players, Digital Camera, GPS, Handheld game consoles,Electronic cigarette and   Bluetooth devices and so on.


Products feature


Four production functions

Over voltage protection,over current protection,over heating production,overcharge protection,over discharging protection,short circuit protection.

With intelligent chip,hardware,explosion relife valve to protect gift power bank.

With high energy conversation rate:92%

Superior large capacity battery cell ,with life cycle :more than 500times,More than 3years normal use.

Warm Notice:

Please charge the gift power bank once 3months if the bank not used for a long time.

It’s normal that the temperature is a bit high during charging.

Please keep the bank clean and dry,do not wash the bank with chemistry depurative.

Please protect the environment ,do not abandon.

Important Notice

Do not let children and unqualified people use the bank.Except there specialist guide them.

Do not use it for any device without assigned output parameter.It might cause fire or explosion.

Do not crash ,dismantle.wade ,damp and compress the bank.


 Logo Customized Type


 1.Silkscreen Printing   
This printing method is available for nearly all of our products which is also the most popular and wild ly used printing method, Not suitable for complex logos with a graduated tint or more than 4 different colors. 
 2. Laser and Engraving printing   
This method is available on the material of metal,wood,bamboo,silicone and even plastic now 
 3. Embossing Printing 
This method is available on leather material which seems more elegant. 
 4.Full color printing   
This method is often used when there are gradual colors in the logo 
 5.Hot Stamp   

This method is mostly used on paper gift box or leather case with logo effect of golden and silver color


OEM/ ODM Service



The gift power bank with high quality and low price guaranteed! 
100% customized service 
Any designs and ideas you can imagine, we will make it happens with our custom-made tooling technology. 
Pre-load/ Auto-run data 
By the data support service, when connecting your power bank with computer, the preload data should automatically launch on the screen. 
Logo imprinting/ engrave 
Full-color printing,Heat-stamp Silkscreen printing, Laser engraving, Pad printing, Water printing ,3D printing and more methods of logo imprinting to fit your demand.
Graphic design 
From logo creation to packaging design, our professional designers care the details and your needs. 
Multiple choices of customized packaging appropriate to your marketing solution and different criteria 's requirements.

Package details

Inner box size


Net weight / inner box




Gross weight


Carton size


Inner box package choice:

Box with blister / velvet bag / white   box/Acrylic box, customized box available

Attached accessaries

Micro Usb cable*1pcs (More ports for choice   if you need)

Attached optional

1*DC Adaptor;

1*Nokia connector ;

1*Iphone connector;

1*IPAD connector

1*Motorola connector;

1*SONY Ericsson connector ;

1*Samsung connector;

1*HTC connector;

1*PSP connector;

1*LG connector;

1*English user manual;



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