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1.Touch point LED indication


2.Manufactured from high quality alloy steel

3.Hardened and precision ground



ES electronic edge finder with led and beep, apply to conductive workpiece 


and machine tool


At present,we have 3 kinds of E.S Optical Edge Finder,the size as below,


Order No.


Diameter of Holding Bar
























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Q:What is the tolerance of the reamer for 16D4?. How can't you find out in the tolerance list?
D4 in 16D4 is not a D4 in tolerance coordination, and there seems to be no tolerance table for this accuracy at present.
Q:How do you choose the tolerance of reaming when reaming?
The processed reamer size with many factors, such as what the coolant, cutter speed, feed rate, exit reamer also pay attention to.The standard reamer is generally the axis system size. Such as H8, H7, H6. Of course, also can according to the hole size to build special dimensions and tolerances of the reamer.The theory of pore size is negative to wring size zero. But the actual wring hole must be more than theory. General tolerance of hole is smaller, the precision is higher.The general processing speed is slower, the cooling liquid, fully feed more quickly, the size of the hole is out of tolerance near.
Q:What about cutting edge of reamer?
1, use the oil hinge, do not use cutting fluid. 2, down feed, slow down, to be uniform, rhythmic, it is best to play automatic. 3, can not be intermittent, speed slow, 4, reamer material to see if you can change the soft point, as long as the processing can move like.
Q:What's the difference between a bore cutter and a reamer?
In fact, from the number of edge cutting is not what special distinction, and a single blade Boring Reamer and multi edge points. Mainly from the processing technology to distinguish the reamer just to get better precision holes, generally on the machine are low, processing is relatively simple, the position of the size precision boring not only can get a better hole hole can also be modified!!
Q:When reaming the piston pin hole and connecting rod copper sleeve, how much is the pin allowance?
For better reference data, please Baidu search, Li Hao CNC tools, data on reamer tolerances and machining allowances
Q:To machining M8, blank hole reamer processing thread with what specifications of the machine (bottom)?
I don't know if you screw precision processing, is the common thread that was not necessary, the direct use of the 6.5 bit can be, if you have high precision, with 6.3 bit, and then use the straight edge reamer 6.7.
Q:In mechanical engineering materials, what are the materials of the reamer?
Mainly tool steel and hard alloy
Q:Use and do not use the threaded hole reamer reamer, what do you mean, how to choose the aperture
Use and do not use the threaded hole reamer reamer, refers to the different machining method of taper thread hole at. Machining taper thread hole, if you do not use the reamer, only in accordance with the minimum size of the taper thread bottom hole drill hole, then taper tap directly using reamer tapping; machining taper threaded hole machining taper thread hole, or the first in accordance with the small size of taper threaded hole drilled outlet, and then use the taper reamer with taper to wring then, the taper taps, so machining taper thread holes, cutting the amount of tap is smaller than the cutting amount without taper reamer reaming tapping more tapping is also easier.
Q:What's wrong with scratches after reaming in machining centers?
Your situation is generally high speed (this time our customers use our reamer also met), then you have allowance is big, then the machining center normal left margin on the line 0.15MM. Finally, this knife is also a bit of a problem, otherwise it won't be a new knife and there will be such a problem. Also ask, you this workpiece material is stainless steel?
Q:The drill holes to make reamer reaming little what method is solved, (drill reaming to hit Phi 8.5, Phi 9)
The bottom is too small. Hinge 0.5 at once, aren't you afraid to damage the reamer? The general rough hinge margin is 0.15~0.35mm, and the precision joint margin is 0.1~0.2mm.
We developed small high-precision CNC lathes based on the imported technology, with high-quality accessories and universal electric control systems. Our machine tools are mainly used in aviation, automobiles, electron, clocks, optical instruments, moulds, computers, medical equipment and so on. At present, these machine tools are enjoying a good reputation among our customers. Accessories and tools are the basic of high-quality precision machinery.

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