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The trailer flexitank is a new packaging that is suitable for long-distance transport of non-hazardous liquid products, and can be used cooperatively with a variety of motor vehicles ( light goods vehicle and Heavy Goods Vehicle) to realize the short-haul and long-haul transport more flexible and faster.

Construction: 3 or 4 inner layers of  co-extruded polyethylene film 1 outer layer of high strength and woven polypropylene fabric butterfly valve And alternative automatic air valve 

Capacity: 16,000L-24,000L, customized capacity is offered according to circumstances of vehicle and certain requirements of transportation.

Features and Benefits:

u More convenient, simple, and economical compared to the conventional tank packaging 

u Foldable with strong impermeability, no leakage, anticorrosive, and cleaning-cost saving

u Increase loading capacity, shorten transport time, and improve the efficiency of transport



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Q:How is the container liquid bag unloading process carried out?
The first is to make sure that the trailers are parked to the ground level. In order to ensure safety, the local handling of goods cannot be carried out at a steep angle. This is our first concern. Second then look at the left door of the container and conclude that when the security situation is outstanding, you can open the right door and open the right door only. The ability to find more appropriate content within the scope of effectiveness.
Q:How can I get 1.5 ton bags in the container?
The normal operation of the two bags are tons of bags hanging in the forklift shovel, pick out.If you don't want the box to land and pick up the box, you have to have a platform at least, and it's almost the same height as the container truck.To put it plainly, a ton of goods can be pulled out of a container or a forklift.
Q:Is it really safe to change containers to liquid containers?
Then pick the box without breakage and burrs. It must be sunny during the day. It's better to go there at noon and close the box door. A little bit of burr and breakage can't be left off.
Q:What is the container fluid bag? Is it safe to use this liquid?
The container liquid bag is a new type of liquid bulk packaging products cost saving, which is composed of a strong thermal food grade plastic material, it can put the ordinary containers 20 feet container immediately into liquid transport, said popular point, put the liquid in the container is inside the bag, acts as a tank the most traditional. But there are many advantages of liquid bags compared to traditional cans.
Q:What reason is the container loaded?
There is stone goods, packing process, forklift drivers into the box, it is also easy to cause box wall drum
Q:How can rubber oil be removed from container liquid containers?
If the winter is too sticky, steam or steam the bottom of the load and pump it out
Q:How many tons can a large container hold in one container?
The loading capacity can be calculated according to the size of the container. The container of the same size is slightly different because of the difference of structure and manufacturing materials.
Q:What's the maximum capacity for container liquid bags? What sizes do you have? Can chemical goods be loaded? Is the risk index high?
Chemical products are usually loaded with special containers, because general chemicals are corrosive, and if the corrosive liquid bags overflow, the risk factor is higher.
Q:How long will it take before the container is changed? The box? Which department manages the container terminal?
Generally speaking, ordinary containers are not changed as long as they are not damaged.
Q:At present, container shipping companies mainly through which means to improve the efficiency of container empty container scheduling?
In recent years, some third party companies to develop a variety of container management system software assets / solutions, service companies to set up e-commerce, relying on the Internet to carry out e-commerce services, asset owners receive a new mode of operation. The company provides professional services for container shipping companies, including Container Leasing Co, such as container assets of all people, to use and to improve his management of the container, minimizing the empty reconfiguration cost, and operators together to reduce operating costs, reduce unnecessary reposition and improve the work efficiency and efforts to increase income or profit more from the limited resources in container.

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