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The trailer flexitank is a new packaging that is suitable for long-distance transport of non-hazardous liquid products, and can be used cooperatively with a variety of motor vehicles ( light goods vehicle and Heavy Goods Vehicle) to realize the short-haul and long-haul transport more flexible and faster.

Construction: 3 or 4 inner layers of  co-extruded polyethylene film 1 outer layer of high strength and woven polypropylene fabric butterfly valve And alternative automatic air valve 

Capacity: 16,000L-24,000L, customized capacity is offered according to circumstances of vehicle and certain requirements of transportation.

Features and Benefits:

u More convenient, simple, and economical compared to the conventional tank packaging 

u Foldable with strong impermeability, no leakage, anticorrosive, and cleaning-cost saving

u Increase loading capacity, shorten transport time, and improve the efficiency of transport



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Q:How can rubber oil be removed from container liquid containers?
If the winter is too sticky, steam or steam the bottom of the load and pump it out
Q:How do container liquid bags operate? Is the shipment safe?
As for the safety in shipment, there is usually no problem. Unless the quality of the liquid bag in the manufacturer is defective, or there is a nail on the floor of the box or a bulge in the box wall, the liquid bag landslide will cause liquid leakage, otherwise there will be no problem during the shipment.
Q:How can I get 1.5 ton bags in the container?
Container on the car is ok. Look for a bigger forklift. Otherwise, let the shipper have a tray and use that kind of iron tray. Better platform, iron shelf, I do not feel practical, it is better to find a vacant area dug a pit, there should be tilted angle, so that the car poured into the pit, forklift directly into.
Q:What is the container fluid bag? Is it safe to use this liquid?
(1) first of all, it is disposable. After use, it can be discarded. There is no extra room to store the liquid bags and clean it. It does not have any extra fees and so on. It can save a lot of money. In addition, the advantages of disposable use are sanitation and environmental protection. Every time they use a brand new liquid bag, it can avoid the pollution of the goods. (2) the liquid bag can carry more goods than the traditional tank, and it can be loaded more than 40% of the original container. Then the number of containers needed can be reduced, so that it can save the capital. (3) BULKHEAD can be installed in the liquid bag, equal to a heat sink, and its maximum temperature is 80 degrees. This liquid, which has a temperature requirement, is very good. It can heat up these special liquids. This is a traditional pot can not do. (4) the operation of the liquid bag is very simple. It takes only a few people and a few tubes to complete the operation, while the traditional IBC and the tank require dozens of workers to put the things in order. Second, its handling is also very simple. The liquid can be loaded from the top valve through the pipe and then released from the bottom valve through the pipe when it is released. (5) besides the benefits of cost savings mentioned above, the biggest advantage of liquid bags is that they are inexpensive. The price is nearly half that of the traditional method. Disadvantages of leakage: it is very responsibly to say that liquid bag soft packing material, leakage is inevitable. Is also the biggest obstacle to the use of liquid bags. There are many reasons for leakage, which are divided into: liquid bag design defects; liquid bag production quality defects; improper use (including foreign bodies, scratches, fierce collisions, etc.).
Q:What's the maximum capacity for container liquid bags? What sizes do you have? Can chemical goods be loaded? Is the risk index high?
The liquid bag is generally installed lockers, loading oil, bulk wine and other liquid.
Q:At present, container shipping companies mainly through which means to improve the efficiency of container empty container scheduling?
As for shipping companies, through the alliance and cooperation between shipping companies, the operation scale of shipping companies can be expanded, and container sharing can be realized. A variety of networks are established on major trade routes so that all shipping companies can carry out container change activities with each other, thereby allowing container shipping companies to move empty containers more efficiently.Because each company in each port or goods shipments and the box needs are constantly changing, some companies may be the place of other container backlog liner box needs a larger place, based on the planned deployment of each other can achieve win-win goal. The inter container cooperation between the various liner companies will increase the utilization ratio of container equipment, reduce the empty container allocation and reduce the container management costs. As COSCON actively with K Line, Yang Min and Hanjin introduced the cooperation of shipping companies, greatly reduce the cost of empty container reposition; at the same time also need to box area to other shipping companies. To solve the lack of box.
Q:What about liquid bag container shipping?
Container liquid bag is a new type of liquid transportation, which has more advantages than tank car.
Q:What is the container fluid bag? What's the use of it?
Container liquid bag is a new type of liquid transportation, which has more advantages than tank car.
Q:What reason is the container loaded?
There is stone goods, packing process, forklift drivers into the box, it is also easy to cause box wall drum
Q:How many tons can a large container hold in one container?
According to the size of the container and the type of goods to be shipped, the standard 20 foot load is about 25

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