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Product Description:

Product Description

Bituminous bag is a package specially designed bulk liquid cargo with high filling temperature like bitumen/asphalt; it is suitable for all kinds of liquid road bitumen, liquid chemicals with high filling temperature.

uConstruction:  consists of 1 strong durable PP woven outer bag and  1 inner PE bag with high strength. 

uSizes: 25kg, 40kg, 500Kg, 1000kg.

uTechnical Specification: 


Technical Data

Tensile strength   of Material (Mpa

≥17 Mpa

Elongation at   Break


Max. Temperature   Tolerance





Working   Temperature





Melting Point





Packing   Size     kg/bag





Heat Resistance   of Bottom

No glue failure,   melt trace after tested for 30min by

110±1/ 140±1/150±1/180±1

Features and Advantages:

uTemperature tolerance is from 110 to 180, UV proof, oil proof, waterproof, non-toxic, high bearing stress strength etc. 

uThe lowest cost. It can be reduction bitumen logistics cost about 30-45% compared with drums.

uConvenient in use, transportation and storage. It is lightweight, small size.

uThe inner bag could be melted into bitumen, no damage to bitumen quality, environment friendly and convenient for operation.




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Q:How do container liquid bags operate? Is the shipment safe?
The liquid bag paved, is generally the first car weighing, such Bahrain net weigh can calculate goods after.Liquid bag is generally divided into upper opening and lower opening two kinds, mainly to see the user's needs, loading methods are through a large pipe inserted into the entrance of the liquid bag, the locking of the junction, you can load.Generally a 20 foot container liquid bag can hold 20 tons of liquid.
Q:How is the container liquid bag unloading process carried out?
Ensure normal safety, can have a great effect platform. The fifth is unloading process, such as a lot of residue, can choose liquid bags, drag and other auxiliary action until the goods discharged. Make sure all container liquid bags are managed effectively and clean and convenient. Sixth is about the goods after unloading, closed valves, and valve cover, to avoid pollution. Ensure the safety management performance of the environment. Finally, close the container car and the right door. Carry out inspection and management of container liquid bags and give us a good environment for effective improvement.
Q:Do container liquids transport oil? What do you need to pay attention to?
1. capacity up to 25000 liters. 2. product supply and product quality are subject to considerable control and supervision. 3. using the latest polyethylene sealing technology, advanced well documented. 4. no pollution, no cleaning, ozone sterilization should be customer requirements, the implementation of aseptic packaging. 5. all containers are designed in one way with the highest level of environmental responsibility. 6. realize the door-to-door transportation of liquid products, reduce the loading and unloading process, reduce the workload of loading and unloading, and save labor costs. The unique design of the 7. special positions, can be reduced (or even eliminate) liquid products in the transport process of drip and leakage or damage to packing phenomenon, reduce the damage or loss. 8. liquid container raw materials are in line with environmental protection requirements, even if discarded, it will not cause any pollution to the environment, but also can be cleaned, recycled and re used in agriculture or other industries.
Q:On the problem of unloading container liquid bags
When the liquid bag is packed, there must be some padding material at the bottom. There will be a layer of anti friction material on the lining material. You can try out these two layers.
Q:Why do manufacturers still use drums instead of container bags?
Flexitanks economic and environmental protection is becoming more and more popular in the world, such as Chongqing Stowe mosaic production container liner bag, to become the new darling of the international logistics industry liquid.
Q:How can rubber oil be removed from container liquid containers?
If the winter is too sticky, steam or steam the bottom of the load and pump it out
Q:How can the corn cob packed in ton bags fit into the container and ship by sea?
Empty containers do not unload, open half of the door, cut packets, and then use the conveyor belt to corn grain to the box, but the door needs a stack of bags wall, to avoid the overflow of corn.
Q:Which container is a good container?
This question, each person's answer is not the same, the liquid suppliers on the market countless, each location is not the same, mainly depends on customer demand. You decide the price is the most important, the low price is good; you decide the quality of the product is the most important? Or service quality is the most important? Or choose brand reputation better? Everyone's needs are different, and the choices are different.
Q:What brand of container liquid bag is good? How to lead the liquid bag?
Qualification: through the China National entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Center Laboratory, according to the GB/T5009.60-2003 standard for testing, product hygiene to meet the GB9687-88 standard requirements, suitable for the export of food. The liquid bag meets the American FDA standard and can safely store and transport food grade goods;
Q:What's the maximum capacity for container liquid bags? What sizes do you have? Can chemical goods be loaded? Is the risk index high?
Liquid bag general shipping company requires about 20 tons, because the liquid bag after loading, bag expansion, if installed 20 tons, it is easy to make box wall at both sides of the drum deformation.

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