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Secure Quality and Safety of Bulk Wine

CMAX Wine Tank , is a system specially designed for bulk wine transportation. 

uCompared to conventional flexitanks, this wine tank secures quality and safety of bulk wine inside:

Superior performance in oxygen resistance

with aluminium oxygen resistant barrier, its oxygen transmission rate ≤0.5 cm3/m2·24h·0.1Mpa.

uDecrease oxygen transmission by 50% compared to conventional flexitank with EVOH barrier. 

Material   Tensile Strength MD(N/15mm)        Tensile Strength TD(N/15mm)            Oxygen Transmission (cm3/m2·24h·0.1Mpa)

Aluminium                    30.4                                                   28.2                                                             ≤0.5

EVOH                            22.3                                                  21.1                                                            ≤1

uBetter tensile strength than EVOH                         

The aluminium oxygen resistant barrier much more durable, 

with tensile strength of 33.88MD(N/15mm), 30.72TD(N/15mm),

increase tensile strength by more than 30% compared to EVOH barrier. 

uFDA, EC approved, food grade 

All PE materials, tested by SGS, are in full compliance with the Food and Drug Administration( FDA) and regulations for polyethylene used in article that contact with food, and in full compliance with European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC and its amendments relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. 

uSpecial Designs for securing hygiene 

PE Bonnet, surrounding the valve, secure valve in clean and hygiene environment. 

Food grade stainless steel flange and valve

uStrong Rigid Frame Bulkhead 

Strong steel frame bulkhead with PP backing panel strengthened the safety during transportation






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Q:Brief introduction of container liquid bag
Compared to the traditional tank, the liquid bag can carry more goods and can load more than 40% of the original container, so the number of containers needed can be reduced, thus saving the capital.(3) BULKHEAD can be installed in the liquid bag, equal to a heat sink, and its maximum temperature is 80 degrees. This liquid, which has a temperature requirement, is very good. It can heat up these special liquids. This is a traditional pot can not do.(4) the operation of the liquid bag is very simple. It takes only a few people and a few tubes to complete the operation, while the traditional IBC and the tank require dozens of workers to put the things in order. Second, its handling is also very simple. The liquid can be loaded from the top valve through the pipe and then released from the bottom valve through the pipe when it is released.(5) besides the benefits of cost savings mentioned above, the biggest advantage of liquid bags is that they are inexpensive. The price is nearly half that of the traditional method. Leakage: very responsible to say, liquid bag soft packaging material, leakage inevitable. Is also the biggest obstacle to the use of liquid bags. There are many reasons for leakage, which are divided into: liquid bag design defects; liquid bag production quality defects; improper use (including foreign bodies, scratches, fierce collisions, etc.).What can be done now is to improve design, strictly monitor quality, and strengthen customer guidance, thereby reducing the risk of leakage. Through rapid network response, reasonable insurance claims can further cover possible risks.Strengthen customer guidance, rational use of liquid bags; at the same time to strengthen communication and transportation enterprises, reasonable operation of container fluid bags, thereby reducing the risk generated.
Q:How can rubber oil be removed from container liquid containers?
If the winter is too sticky, steam or steam the bottom of the load and pump it out
Q:How do container liquid bags operate? Is the shipment safe?
The liquid bag paved, is generally the first car weighing, such Bahrain net weigh can calculate goods after.Liquid bag is generally divided into upper opening and lower opening two kinds, mainly to see the user's needs, loading methods are through a large pipe inserted into the entrance of the liquid bag, the locking of the junction, you can load.Generally a 20 foot container liquid bag can hold 20 tons of liquid.
Q:How can I get 1.5 ton bags in the container?
Container on the car is ok. Look for a bigger forklift. Otherwise, let the shipper have a tray and use that kind of iron tray. Better platform, iron shelf, I do not feel practical, it is better to find a vacant area dug a pit, there should be tilted angle, so that the car poured into the pit, forklift directly into.
Q:What's the maximum capacity for container liquid bags? What sizes do you have? Can chemical goods be loaded? Is the risk index high?
Chemical products are usually loaded with special containers, because general chemicals are corrosive, and if the corrosive liquid bags overflow, the risk factor is higher.
Q:What about liquid bag container shipping?
BULKHEAD can be installed in the liquid bag, equal to an incubator, and its maximum temperature is 80 degrees. This liquid, which has a temperature requirement, is very good. It can heat up these special liquids. This is a traditional pot can not do.
Q:Which container is a good container?
LAF is committed to becoming a trusted, sustainable logistics package provider. In the industry, product quality, customer service and business services, the overall brand reputation is one of the best, we do not own, we talk with the fact, the current LAF customers are well-known listed companies, or 500 companies, Coca-Cola, ADM, petroleum, petrochemical and so on
Q:What reason is the container loaded?
General cargo loading will appear this kind of circumstance, such as steel, if both sides of the wall without box wood pad, finished goods or packing process, it is easy to cause the box wall on both sides of the outer drum.
Q:What brand of container liquid bag is good? How to lead the liquid bag?
Material: liquid bag is made of polyethylene material layer four layer 0.125 mm thick translucent, thickness of 0.5mm, and the material of all imports from Europe and America, 0.1mm not only in the thickness of the liquid bag is larger than that of other manufacturers, safety can also provide security; the outer layer is made of polypropylene cloth with a layer of 210 grams, the use of loading and unloading valve, all polypropylene manufacturing easy installation, safe and reliable, can be used for the shipment of food and other harmless liquid.
Q:Is it really safe to change containers to liquid containers?
Then pick the box without breakage and burrs. It must be sunny during the day. It's better to go there at noon and close the box door. A little bit of burr and breakage can't be left off.

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