CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

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Product Description:

1CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank Product Description:

High -temprature-resistant Flexitank is a flexitank with CMAX new heat-resistant material technology, is specially designed bulk liquid cargo with high filling temperature like liquid bitumen/asphalt; it is suitable for all kinds of liquid road bitumen, liquid chemicals with high filling temperature.

2Features and Benefits:

uCompared with general-purpose flexitank, CMAX high-temprature-resistant  lexitank could withstand 60-90 filling temprature, high pressure resistant,strong and durable.

uLoad 30% more than with drums per 20ft container

uSave 50%+ package positioning cost than with drums per 20ft container

uThe inner bag could be melted into bitumen, no damage to bitumen quality, environment friendly and convenient for operation.


Suitable for all kinds of liquid road bitumenchemicals with high filling temperature.

4Features and Benefits:

u More convenient, simple, and economical compared to the conventional tank packaging 

u Foldable with strong impermeability, no leakage, anticorrosive, and cleaning-cost saving

u Increase loading capacity, shorten transport time, and improve the efficiency of transport

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

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Q:Is it possible to export container liquid bags (cooking oil) as dangerous goods?
Cooking oil belongs to the 3 dangerous goods, flammable liquid.
Q:How can I get 1.5 ton bags in the container?
Container on the car is ok. Look for a bigger forklift. Otherwise, let the shipper have a tray and use that kind of iron tray. Better platform, iron shelf, I do not feel practical, it is better to find a vacant area dug a pit, there should be tilted angle, so that the car poured into the pit, forklift directly into.
Q:What is the container fluid bag? Is it safe to use this liquid?
A large bag placed in a 20 foot container, one inside a 20 foot container, safe enough. Most liquids are packed in this form. Most container containers are dangerous goods.
Q:How long will it take before the container is changed? The box? Which department manages the container terminal?
The conventional 20 TEU 40 TEUs respectively is 1.7T and 3.4T. The container belongs to each ship company, not to the quay. The port office is in charge of coordination when it is piled up at the dock.
Q:At present, container shipping companies mainly through which means to improve the efficiency of container empty container scheduling?
Shipping companies can cooperate with container manufacturers to deliver free transportation services to other countries and ports while they are free or at a lower cost to use their new boxes. The box factory, in order to reduce the delivery fees as much as possible, is also very pleased to cooperate with the wheel company. For example, COSCON actively with the box factory and the main box cooperation, new distribution box loading, saving considerable cost box.In the absence of empty container area, if the local low price, you can buy directly the box box needs to solve, so as to save the cost of empty container transportation expensive. The container costs in the Far East and Southeast Asia is relatively low, especially Chinese, container, low cost, through the purchase of Chinese box in the import and export of goods, the unbalanced area box needs to ease.
Q:What is the container fluid bag? What's the use of it?
Each container can be placed in a container of 20 feet, with a capacity of 14-24 cubic meters and a maximum of 24000 litres of liquid storage and transportation.
Q:How can the corn cob packed in ton bags fit into the container and ship by sea?
The wharf has a device that holds the container in a fixed position. The box door is facing up, then the corn is cut and packed into the cabinet. After the goods are finished, the door is closed and the boxes are spread. This method can hold more.
Q:Is it really safe to change containers to liquid containers?
Then pick the box without breakage and burrs. It must be sunny during the day. It's better to go there at noon and close the box door. A little bit of burr and breakage can't be left off.
Q:On the problem of unloading container liquid bags
Container tilting machines are used to tilt the container
Q:How many tons can a large container hold in one container?
Usually around 20 tons, but because of the different ship companies, the requirements are also different.20 feet of cabinets: product is 5.90x2.34x2.38 meters, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters.40 feet of cabinets: product is 11.95x2.34x2.38 meters, distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 54 cubic meters.The 40 foot high cabinets: product is 11.95x2.34x2.68 meters. Distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 68 cubic meters.

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