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CMAX offers safe, efficient, cost-effective bulk liquid logistics transportation service with CMAX flexitank, which is the most reliable and safe flexitank solution available; lowering your risk, costs and environmental impact.


A CMAX flexitank transforms a standard 20’ ISO container into a non-hazardous bulk liquid transportation system. Designed specifically to ensure your bulk liquid cargo arrives safely and in optimum condition, CMAX flexitank incorporates the very latest barrier technology materials to protect your product from contamination during transit.


CMAX Flexitank System Features and Properties:


1.Food Grade Clean Flexitank 

u Made from 100% clear virgin polyethylene materials. Fully compliant with FDA and EU Regulatory Food Contact regulations. Contains no carbon black.


2.Safe and Reliable 

u Strengthen the inner bag with high-tensile purpose durable one-piece tubular polypropylene woven fabric that provides intensive protection to the liquid cargo loaded within the inner bag.

u Mechanical heavy steel constructed bulkhead system is designed for double protection to liquid cargo within the container, with which a container loaded with 24,000L liquid flexitank has been witnessed safely passed the COA Railway Impact Test done at AAR( TTCI). , in which the container received 2 times huge impacts at the running speed of 6mph. 

u CMAX flexitank system is fully COA compliant in accordance with the latest edition of the COA Flexitank Code of Practice. All impact testing g was witnessed, verified and certificated by Lloyds Register.



u The specially designed cam lock male valve with anti-suction pad allows efficient discharging without human labor with small volume cargo residue.


4.24-hour Global Service  

u Offer services including container preparation, flexitank fitting, cargo loading supervision, inland and maritime transportation, flexitank             discharging, disposal and recycling via global network covering 5 continentals, 80 main ports via CMAX offices and 36 agents around the globe. 

u 24-hour public service line offers instant communication and action upon request around the world. 



u All polyethylene, polypropylene, steel materials used are fully recyclable, all are environmental friendly.



u Compared to ISO Tank, no cleaning cost, no returning cost. 

u Load 30% more than with drums per 20ft container 

u Save 50%+ package positioning cost than with drums per 20ft container






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Q:The company shipped the goods in container liquid bags, and the liquid bag manufacturers suggest that we buy Marine Insurance to cover the losses caused by the accident during the transportation, and all risks?
Note that insurance must be made before the departure of the vessel to the insurance company. The invoice box and the B / L are required to confirm the OK, and the best copy of the bill of lading is required.
Q:How do container liquid bags operate? Is the shipment safe?
The liquid bag paved, is generally the first car weighing, such Bahrain net weigh can calculate goods after.Liquid bag is generally divided into upper opening and lower opening two kinds, mainly to see the user's needs, loading methods are through a large pipe inserted into the entrance of the liquid bag, the locking of the junction, you can load.Generally a 20 foot container liquid bag can hold 20 tons of liquid.
Q:What is the container fluid bag? Is it safe to use this liquid?
A large bag placed in a 20 foot container, one inside a 20 foot container, safe enough. Most liquids are packed in this form. Most container containers are dangerous goods.
Q:What kind of general chemicals can be packed in container bags?
The operation of the liquid bag is very simple. It takes only a few people and a few tubes to complete the operation, while the traditional IBC and the tank require dozens of workers to put the things in order. Second, its handling is also very simple. The liquid can be loaded from the top valve through the pipe and then released from the bottom valve through the pipe when it is released.
Q:At present, container shipping companies mainly through which means to improve the efficiency of container empty container scheduling?
In recent years, some third party companies to develop a variety of container management system software assets / solutions, service companies to set up e-commerce, relying on the Internet to carry out e-commerce services, asset owners receive a new mode of operation. The company provides professional services for container shipping companies, including Container Leasing Co, such as container assets of all people, to use and to improve his management of the container, minimizing the empty reconfiguration cost, and operators together to reduce operating costs, reduce unnecessary reposition and improve the work efficiency and efforts to increase income or profit more from the limited resources in container.
Q:What is the container fluid bag? What's the use of it?
Each container can be placed in a container of 20 feet, with a capacity of 14-24 cubic meters and a maximum of 24000 litres of liquid storage and transportation.
Q:What brand of container liquid bag is good? How to lead the liquid bag?
Material: liquid bag is made of polyethylene material layer four layer 0.125 mm thick translucent, thickness of 0.5mm, and the material of all imports from Europe and America, 0.1mm not only in the thickness of the liquid bag is larger than that of other manufacturers, safety can also provide security; the outer layer is made of polypropylene cloth with a layer of 210 grams, the use of loading and unloading valve, all polypropylene manufacturing easy installation, safe and reliable, can be used for the shipment of food and other harmless liquid.
Q:Are container liquid bags expensive to produce? What machines are needed?
The outer layer is made of 1 layers of PP, made by peripheral suture. Auxiliary baffle, fixed floor, square steel. The cost is mainly PE PP filmThe main machines are heat sealing machine, valve press machine, sewing machine.
Q:On the problem of unloading container liquid bags
This thing is a bit troublesome, heating pad also has electric heating, can try, contact Qingdao commander liquid bag manufacturer
Q:How many tons can a large container hold in one container?
The loading capacity can be calculated according to the size of the container. The container of the same size is slightly different because of the difference of structure and manufacturing materials.

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