CE&GS Approved Electric Chain Hoist/Construction Hoist/Construction Chain Hoist

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3 unit
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300 unit/month

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500kg to 3ton CE&GS Approved Electric Chain Hoist/Construction Hoist/Construction Chain Hoist

  1. With suspension hook. push, geared or electric trolley.

  2. Standard lift height 3 m, control cable 2.5m

  3. Operating voltage 220-440V, 50/60Hz, 1-3 phase

  4. Low voltage control 36V is standard.

  5. High efficient energy-saving motor, asbestos free brake system.

  6. High tensile aluminium alloy cover is light in construction, offers strong corrosion resistance.

  7. Top and bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard.

  8. Drop forged steel suspension & load hooks are heat treated and fracture resistant. In case of dangerous overloading or abuse, the hook does not fracture but will slowly yield.

  9. Solid chain bucket.

  10. Super strong surface hardened chain

  11. Limit switch devices fitted at both top & bottom ends, switch off power automatically to prevent load chain from running out.

  12. The unique friction clutch overload protection, which protects the unit from overloading.

  13. High quality electric components with safety protection.

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Q:What is the reason why the elevator door is always open and closed when not in use?
To see the door lock circuit is good, but also look at the door in place is not in place, there is light curtain is not dust.
Q:Elevator door in the sub-door and the difference between the two points is defined as the god of God ah?
In the sub-door: door split, opening and closing the high efficiency, commonly used in passenger ladder and passenger and freight ladder; in the sub-folding door: composed of four door panels, both sides of the opening and closing sides of the door through the door arm to the two. The elevator door can be divided into two types from the installation location, which are installed at the entrance of the hoistway at the entrance to the entrance. Floor doors and car doors in accordance with the structure can be divided into sub-door, next door, vertical sliding doors, hinge doors and so on. Fractional doors are mainly used in passenger lifts, side open doors in the freight ladder and bed ladder on the more common use, vertical sliding doors are mainly used for debris ladder and large car elevator. Hinge door in the country less used in foreign residential ladder used more.
Q:What is the safety contact of the elevator?
You are talking about the security circuit, from the engine room to the pit have, from the security effect. Normal when the muscle pedicle can Li Ji pad snow ear grinding some of the Unicom, the fault was broken, the elevator did not go.
Q:What are the requirements of the fire function of the elevator?
Fire elevator set requirements, there is a complete set of norms. Very detailed, very fine to the. Simply to you to talk about: just upstairs also said the point; have a dedicated button; top should not be greater than one minute; before the room to the outdoor shall not be greater than 30 meters, planting weight shall not be less than 800kg. These are just the most basic features. Its detailed settings, as well as the specific norms, there is a very complete to save. Such as the front room fire rating, the former room position, the front room area, smoke and smoke, the front room of the door, retaining facilities, ladder and car fire design requirements, electrical system, Leopard Mo fire design requirements. and many more. se are not a word or two can be clear, specifically you have to refer to the specification. Specification is not what one person said, is the fire law set, only in line with the norms to pass the acceptance.
Q:Which elevator requires the driver
But there is little need to add is: cargo elevator if the car area exceeds GB7588-2003 "elevator safety technical specifications" requirements, the use of units should be Equipped with driver's license.
Q:Do you want to be next to the elevator? What is the role?
The airway next to the elevator should be the role of the smoke in the elevator when the fire is removed
Q:The relationship between load bearing and area of elevator
Elevator car area related standards see GB7588-2003 its parameter table as shown
Q:What does the elevator use for the weight?
Balanced car weight is designed to achieve power savings.
Q:When the woman came home she was found to be tracked by a man
In fact, this problem is only a mess of our ideas. The elevator can not cancel the third floor, just closed when you can press the door button, open the door immediately rushed to the first floor, the elevator door will automatically shut down to the third floor. At this time to the first floor she can be rescued.
Q:What is the elevator room
The elevator room is the elevator floor is called the elevator room.

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