CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment

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Product Description:

CE certified melamine short cycle heat press equipment

Products detail 

CE certified melamine short cycle heat press equipment is applicable for panel/ furniture plant or wood-based further processing to laminate decoration paper on particle board, MDF board with advanced technology.

CE certified melamine short cycle heat press equipment is availale according to your requirements!


CE certified melamine short cycle heat press equipment is used to produce laminate board with a wide array of texture, from flat surface to light/deep emboss or synchronized grain engraving effects.  

It is also suitable for laminating decorative paper,wearable paper and balance paper in both sides of HDF board to produce laminate flooring.

CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment

CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment

CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment

CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment

CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment

The applications (CE certified melamine short cycle heat press equipment are for)


-  CE certified melamine short cycle heat press equipment for Laminating furniture board.


-  The covering materials are melamine paper, veneer etc.


-  The core boards are MDF / HDF / Particle Board.

Products display 

CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment

CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment

.jpgCE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment

Wood Furniture Design Machine

Packing & Shipping 

Package:CE certified melamine short cycle heat press equipment will be packed according International MDF board hot press machine standard packing

Delivery : about 15 days after receive deposit payment

CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment


CE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press EquipmentCE Certified Melamine Short Cycle Heat Press Equipment


Q:What is the material of your products?

A:The main material are steels, oil cylinder and other. We can also choose material as customers’ requirement.


4.Q:How can I kown more about the press machine? 

A: We are honored to send you some pictures and vedio about our machine. And we welcome every customer visit our factory.


5.Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control? 

A:Quality is priority. Factory director always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. Our factory has gained ZDHY, ISO9001 authentication.


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