Brown Plain Color Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet

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Product Description:

Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet

Specification of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

- 100% Polyester  (1200D Viscose or 150D Viscose)

- Pile weight: 1400-1800G/SQM

- Pile height: 2.5 -7.5cm;

- Grey cottong backing, matching background, grey cotton border;

- 1x20'GP = 1800SQM for various size loading;

- H.S.: 5703300000

Feature of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

-  Long pile of 5.5cm brings thick & reliable touch feeling;
-  Luxury & high quality product;

-  Durable & non-shedding;
-  Popular in South American market;
-  Special quality acceptable: different pile length, weight, color etc, make your product different from others & more competetive.

-  OEM is welcome;

Pictures of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

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Q:What is the reason for the arch rise after the carpet is cleaned?
Because the carpet becomes soft after it is washed.
Q:What's the best way to wash a large floor rug?
either shampoo it by renting one or go to the laundry mat where they have industrial size washers.
Q:Please recommend a rug for a infant/toddler?
Anything stain proof, for starters! Easily washable, non stick on the bottom and look at the labels for any toxicity warnings. Stay away from rugs that can pill (you know, those little bally things you get when you wash a sweater), or yarn because if your baby pulls at them, and swallows them, they're easy to choke on. My dog does it all the time, and then hacks for three hours to get it out. Check Ikea, they're super kid friendly. Any department store should be able to help, if you tell them it's specifically for areas where kids will be playing.
Q:VIP....Stained Carpet..need help!!!!?
Go rent a rug doctor. This is cheap but may not remove everything depending on how old and what type of stains they are. You may need to decide if its cheaper to pay management to have the rug cleaned or for you to get it steamed, which may be you only way to remove old stains. Good luck. My carpet is stained to hell, although we clean it regularly. Conventional carpet cleaners do not remove certain stains...
Q:Is there a way to bring life back to old carpet?
well if your carpet is still good, then rip up the carpet and get new padding for underneath it. (that's that spongy feeling that carpet has when it has good padding) I also recommend that if you don't know how to install carpet materials then get a professional to do the job. IN THE END in my point of view TILE is your best bet. I mean unless you like carpet then have at it with the new padding. BUT if you want the best choice of flooring, go with tile. It's much cleaner and easier to work with. (and just from experience: if you get a light colored tile then get a dark colored grout.) it looks great GOOD LUCK!!!
Q:patterns for braided rugs?
Try this site, it's the best one I've found so far. All you ever wanted to know about making rugs the old fashioned way: with braids of rags. From the simple to mind-blowing, designs, colors, patterns, history, instructions, how to add braids, the many different styles of rugs, projects for the beginner, suppliers and much, much more
Q:How do you make Hook Rugs?
Get yourself a piece of 'rug canvas' and buy a 'rug hook' and several different 'colors' of 'rug yarn' to 'fit' the size of canvas and hook. Start 'hooking' in any 'corner' and just go across to the next corner, then back ... and you can 'draw your own design' or just use 'different colors' randomly ... and the 'hook' should have 'instructions' on how to use it. It's best if you buy the 'already cut' yarn and fold it in half when you 'hook' but if you do that with your 'first' rug (which can be really small until you learn how to 'hook well') then you can decide whether you want to 'cut your own yarn' when you do your next rug. Good luck and HAVE FUN! I've hooked many 'rugs' and wall hangings, and it's a 'total blast' ... but I can't do it any more due to rheumatoid arthritis ... so you can now have 'all the fun' I'd have, with my blessing.
Q:How can the wood floor urine stains be removed?
How to make aqueous detergents and dry detergents, dry detergents: when formulated with dry detergents, coconut oil (pharmacies and health food stores) is sold and liquid dry cleaners are mixed at 1:8. If the container is well sealed and can effectively prevent solvent evaporation, then you can store the detergent for later use. Coconut oil can also be replaced by mineral oil, but the former is better. Warning: dry cleaners are poisonous and some dry cleaners are flammable. Water based detergents: when formulated with water based detergents, mix glycerin, white dishes, detergents and water at a 1:1:8 ratio. Shake evenly before each use. Water based detergents should be stored in a plastic extrusion bottle.
Q:Why does it hurt so badly to rub your chin against the carpet?
The carpet may be soft, but your chin is a very sensitive part of your body. It never comes in contact with anything - unlike your hands - and it never builds up callous or protective tissue. It is also home to a lot of receptors - so when you rub your chin against the carpet, you are giving it a friction burn and that hurts. Not sure why you might want to rub your chin against the carpet in the first place, but that's why it hurts.
Q:What to do with finished latch hook rugs?
There is another site where people sell completed handcrafts. If you have consignment shops in your area, they may be willing to sell the rugs for you. I have some that I've hung on the wall as art, and I have also used some as tops for chair cushions or throw pillows. Unfortunately, though, in general this is one of the class of craft projects where the unused kit often sells for more than the completed item. If selling doesn't work out, you may wish to restrict yourself to rug projects where you have a specific use or recipient in mind, or else put some of your energy into a less expensive craft like friendship bracelets, for instance. Good luck!

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