Best quality car vacuum cleaner/car hoover / Automatic Robot Clneaner

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Product Description:

12v handheld mini Easy Adjustable Air car  vacuum cleaner

1.Features 8' cord with vehicle power source plug; washable filter; and compact lightweight design. Operates on 12 volts. Measures 11-1/4" x 4-5/8" x 3-1/8".

2.Make your car clean and comfortable in a snap using this Portable car vacuum cleaner.

It can easily suck dirt and debris of anything that usually accumulates inside your vehicle

such as cookie crumbs, hair, rice or cigarette ash and butts.

3. Can suck cigarette ash, cookie crumbs, eraser crumbs, hair, rice, wastepaper, etc.

4.Compact, handy and lightweight.

5.Controlled by ON / OFF switch, easy to use. 

6.Complete with convenient attachment and washable filter

handheld mini Easy Adjustable Air car vacuum cleaner


Best quality car vacuum cleaner/car hoover / Automatic Robot Clneaner

Best quality car vacuum cleaner/car hoover / Automatic Robot Clneaner


Minimul Order : 2 pcs

Itmes : 006


Power input: 12V




Color: blue and white


Size : 29x9x11cm


set including: color cartonx1, cleaner x1, duck mouth nozzlex1, catalogue


1. How long is the lifetime of machine? How long the battery can be used? How long we can use after one charge?


Answer: Please be assured that the life of V-BOT could be 5 years, as materials are very durable, generally will not bad, unless one day you are in a bad mood, kick it, it is estimated that will leave scars. 
Battery can be used from 800 to 1000 times, an average of once a day can also be used for more than 2 years. Here we have all the accessories for machine, there is need to call us, ready supply! Machine filled with battery, you can use about one hour or so, if you use mopping mode alone, using time will be longer.

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Q:I need advice on vacuum cleaners!?
Q:Do vacuum cleaners use the hose for suction?
What vacuum cleaner do you own? For the majority of vacuums the answer to your question will be yes, you will need the hose inserted into the holder for the base part of the vacuum to suck/clean properly. Some vacuums will keep the beater bar spinning, but that doesn't mean it is creating suction/air flow. If you give your vacuum model then I could be a little more specific... Good luck!
Q:Hand Held Vacuum cleaner?
Also, you may use Dyson vacuum cleaners, these vacuums are really powerful, so powerful in fact that they will get rid of up to 70 per cent of the dust mites and bed bugs in your bed.
Q:I have a question about bagless vacuum cleaners....?
I've done the same thing and also own a bagless vacuum without having any problems. I let it sit on the carpet for a short time before running it, but so far no issues! :)
Q:If people idolized vacuum cleaners, would that mean they worship the Dirt Devil?
They love Suckers I guess
Q:Need help buying a vacuum cleaner for pet hair?
I own the Bissell. I have a Siberian Husky and Shepard mix. The vacuum does good with picking up hair and the attachments make it good for getting hair off my black comforter. My only complaint is that the container that holds all the hair and dirt is too small. It fills up after just one room. So I'm constantly having to empty it. It can also overfill so you have to be careful of that. You just have to pull hair out of the filters. Also, it's gets really dirty for some reason (the outside). So I have to wipe it down ever few months. (I feel like Monica on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. vacuuming the vacuum!) Which is about when I clean out the filters too. Just read the reviews on all the vacuums! The Bissell does have a lot of good reviews. Good luck!
Q:best vacuums cleaners on the market today?
buy a dustbuster and a black dirtdevil upright. you shouldn't spend much more than $100.
Q:What do you think of Roomba vacuum cleaners?
I would love one they look great , could save a lot of work , just have to do corners monthly.
Q:Is there any difference between any Hoover Vacuum Cleaners or are they all the same?
There are different prices and different features. All Hoover products work well. I've been a Hoover user for 50 years.
Q:Which one is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?
shop vac

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