Automobile industry application of magnesium alloy

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   Magnesium is a new type of light in 20th century developed corrosion resistant metal materials, the application of magnesium is concentrated in the magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy production, steelmaking desulfurization, aviation military four areas, are widely used in automobile manufacturing, light industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electronic industry and meter manufacturing, etc.

   Excellent performance of magnesium alloy with beautiful posture by the computer, household appliances, mobile phone manufacturers.

   Automobile industry application of magnesium alloy has high strength, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and the advantages of light weight, make its gradually take the place of cars in the automobile industry of plastic products and the proportion of large steel components, mainly to replace the original engine, steering wheel, seat base and so on.

   The United States, for example, gm's "Polaris V - 8" engines have 15 pounds (6.8 kg) of magnesium die casting parts, and the engine assembly in Cadillac cars, the company annual production of 25000 ~ 30000 in the mid - 90 - this kind of car, one requires magnesium, gm's annual output has remained at more than 9 million vehicles, Japan's Toyota car production with gm, only for the two companies for the demand of magnesium alloy is enough to make metal magnesium production enterprise with excitement.

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Q:How hard is the carbide knife?
Seven or eight, Baidu is absolutely no problem.
Q:What are the types of cemented carbides?
5, industry special cutter category, including auto industry special knife, mobilization machine, industry special knife, sewing machine industry special knife, die industry special knife, textile machine special knife and printed circuit board industry special knife.Hard alloy tool with cemented carbide and carbon steel bar welded, it is characterized with high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance of hard alloy blades are made of high abrasion resistance and high heat resistance WC (tungsten carbide), TiC (Tan Huatai), TaC (TAC) and Co (cobalt) powder after high temperature sintering.Different cemented carbide is suitable for different purposes, so you can refer to the following, I hope you can help!
Q:What does carbide wet grinding mean?
Wet grinding of cemented carbide is an important process in the production process, and its efficiency has a direct bearing on the quality of cemented carbide products. The main factors affecting the wet grinding efficiency of cemented carbide are as follows:1. ball mill speedThe mixing and grinding of cemented carbide powder in a ball mill barrel is achieved by the motion of the ball when the ball mill rotates. The movement of the ball in the tube depends on the speed of the ball mill. If the speed is too fast, from the heart, the ball will be posted on the wall and rotate together, the ball in the same cylinder wall relative static state, which is equal to the elimination of the ball should play a role, if the speed is too low, only along the bottom of the cylinder sliding ball, small mixture of crushing and grinding effect.
Q:Does the hard alloy belong to the composite material?
Grain refinement can improve both the hardness and toughness of the material. Hard alloys and cermets belong to particle reinforced composites, which change the size of hard phase and have great influence on the properties. In this paper, the preparation process of cemented carbide and cermet raw powder with different thickness is optimized, and two sets of materials with the same original chemical composition and different grain size are prepared by vacuum sintering technology.This is not how I suggest you go to Baidu search Suzhou haokai metal material limited company to ask it!
Q:How much is a kilogram of cemented carbide now recycled?
The market changes very fast, but also is the state (bulk, powder or other components (in general), the higher the greater your tungsten content and impurities (impurities), the proportion of impurities separation situation specific valuation). Generally ranging from tens to 100 yuan a kilogram. If you're ready to do this, it's recommended to buy a handheld spectrometer to quickly analyze the content.
Q:Import all carbide drill bit, mainly those brands
Good (maford), Kenna, Thomas, di tex, Sandvik, guhring general in the domestic production, the performance of discount.Recommended by the earth, good performance, high cost of some.The materials they use for cutting tools are generally not for sale. You must understand that.What does it mean when you don't understand it?
Q:Can CBN wheels grind cemented carbide? Why?
Diamond grinding wheels are commonly used for grinding carbide. Because diamond is much harder than CBN, only CBN grinding wheel is selected for grinding iron family material. So we should choose diamond grinding wheel.
Q:The welding welding hard alloy cutter, should use what type of flame why
With the fire on it. Put the knife and put some red hot and then put up with borax alloy outer flame burning red and then placed in a good point copper alloy and borax on the use of knife gap flow with upper and lower outer flame burnt gap can be
Q:What are the differences between the two grades of carbide, YT15 and YT5?
YT15 is compared to YT5. The former has high hardness, great brittleness and good wear resistance. The latter is low in hardness, tough in toughness and poor in wear resistance.
Q:What does American standard cemented carbide grain size C mean?
Hard alloy with high hardness of refractory metal carbides (WC, TiC) micron powder as the main ingredient, with cobalt or nickel (Co) (Ni), molybdenum (Mo) as the binder, powder metallurgy products in vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction sintering furnace. IV, B, V, B, VI, B group of metal carbides, nitrides, boride, etc., because of hardness and melting point is particularly high, collectively referred to as cemented carbide. The structure, characteristics and application of hard gold content are described with carbide as the key point. IV, A, V, A, VI, A group metals and carbon formed in the metal type carbide, because the carbon atom radius is small, can be filled in the gap of the metal character, and retain the original lattice form of metal, forming interstitial solid solution. Under appropriate conditions, such solid solution can continue to dissolve its constituent elements until it reaches saturation.

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