AR Glass Fiber Chopped Strand for Concrete Chopped Strand

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1000Kgs m.t.
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100000 Tons Per Year m.t./month

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Product Description:

Specifications of AR Glass Fiber Chopped Strand for Concrete:


1. Modest water content

2. Good flowability
3. Even distribution



Instruction of AR Glass Fiber Chopped Strand for Concrete:


AR Glass Fiber Chopped Strand for Concrete is a high integrity AR glassfibre chopped strand designed for use in dry mix systems or other premixing processes for subsequent moulding into a GRC component.

This kind of chopped strand has a sizing system optimised for abrasion resistance and strand integrity during blending with dry materials .The low-tex strand permits efficient reinforcement at low dosages .It is particularly suited to the preparation of pre-bagged mixes of special mortars or renders .It may also be used in the manufacture by precasting of standard GRC components.


Technical Characteristics of AR Glass Fiber Chopped Strand for Concrete:


Tex of strand(tex)

Sizing content(%)









Package of AR Glass Fiber Chopped Strand for Concrete:

20KG/Paper bag and then put into the Pallet



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Q:Can dried cement be removed from clothes?
You should generally try to remove any matter before it has a chance to set. But even when the cement is dried, try wiping with a cloth dipped in warm sudsy water to which a few drops of amyl acetate has been added. Rinse well and wipe dry. Cement can occasionally damage the surface of the clothes, so work carefully.
Q:What is the cheapest way to add color to cement?
If you buy some cement dye and use the recommended proportions ( usually 1.2 parts dye to 25 parts cement powder), this produces an even-coloured mortar of the correct shade when dry. Have only seen and used red or black though, colour choice is limited and finish is dull so if you want a semi matt finish and more colours it is best to paint it using concrete floor paint instead. Both Dye and Cement Paint is available from builder merchants like Wickes or TP
Q:General taxpayer commerce company sales of cement, building materials products should be handed a few points
Food and edible vegetable oil; Water supply, heating, air conditioning, hot water, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, biogas, residential coal products; 3) Taxpayers sell or import the following goods at a rate of 13% Books, newspapers, magazines; 4 Feed, fertilizer, pesticides, agricultural machinery, agricultural film; 5 Other goods prescribed by the State Council Taxpayers export goods at a rate of zero; unless otherwise provided by the State Council (D) taxpayers to provide processing, repair and repair services (hereinafter referred to as taxable services), the tax rate of 17%
Q:What are the type of cement?
5 Types Of Cement
Q:35 tons of the concrete mixture is made of cement, gravel, and sand mixed with the ratio 3:5:7 respectively.?
7 tons of cement 11.67 tons of gravel 16.33 tons of sand. Say X is the amount of cement (don't worry about the 3). How much gravel is there in relation to cement? 5/3 as much.For every 3 of cement, there's 5 of gravel. How about the sand? There's 7/3 as much sand as there is cement.So now you can restate the whole thing with respect to cement: However much cement + 5/3 more gravel than cement + 7/3 more sand than cement = 35 tons. X + (5/3)X + (7/3)X = 35. X ends up equaling 7, (5/3)X is 11.67, and (7/3)X is 16.33. Hope this helps!
Q:Cement my basketball hoop into the ground?
No you cant install posts into the ground the basketball hoop isn't designed for that. The safest way is to purchase a better basketball hoop, that is designed for what you have in mind.
Q:How do you fill a tire with cement?
first you have to get the tire off of the rim. Then stand the tire on edge and fill the bottom half with cement. Let cure overnight and do the other half.
Q:how do you prepare cement with exposed aggregates?
After the cement has dried slightly you wash and scrub off the top layer of cement to expose the aggregate. Timing is very important too soon and you wash out pits and too late will not wash off anything. If you have never done it you should get someone that has to teach you how.
Q:Rubber cement glue help?
that depends on whether or not you want to be able to take the papers apart later or not. if you do then i would go with the rubber cement, if not then elmers all the way. another thing to keep in mind is that elmers glue is known to cause the paper to crinkle and in my opinion, that ruins the presentation of the whole project.
Q:How to check content cement & concrete? What do we increase strength of concrete ?
In the US, the predominate method for testing concrete strength is ASTM C31 and C94. C94 provides the general procedures necessary as C31 provides field methods. Generally speaking, concrete strength is directly related to water / cement ratios. The less water in the mix, the greater the strength. However, more water makes the concrete easier to place and finish. Superplasticizers are admixtures that improve concrete workability without adding water. There are also a variety of materials that can be added to concrete to increase strength in addition to a low water/cement ratio (0.35 or less). The number and explanation behind those materials and methods are beyond the scope of what can be covered here. But let it be understood the standard 3000psi concrete can be formulated to provide compressive strengths of 6000psi and more.
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Location Beijing, China
Year Established 1991
Annual Output Value Above US$ 20 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe;
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

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Nearest Port Tianjin Port
Export Percentage 21% - 30%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
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Factory Size: Above 10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered; Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High; Average