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Weare the largest aluminum profile manufacture in China which specializing in industry aluminum profile. If you need some products,please feel free to send us the drawings or samples, we will supply you the good qualitywith best price, and we will serve you all the time.

The detail descriptions ofaluminum profile as bellowing:


Alloy  Aluminum1xxx series, 2xxx series, 6xxx series,7xxx series or customer nominated





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Q:What about the weight of aluminum bar material?
Aluminum bar weight formula:0.0022 * diameter * diameter * length
Q:What is the density of aluminium rods?
Weight = mass *g= density x volume *gVolume = (radius ^2) *3.14* length= (diameter ^2/4) *3.14* length= (0.03^2/4) *3.14*1=0.0007065m^3So, weight =2.71*0.0007065*9.81=0.018782373kg
Q:Remelted scrap aluminium alloy window aluminum rod of 1 tons can sell how much money.
Alloy furnace: iron is the harmful substance in aluminum and its alloy, and it has the greatest influence on the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy. Therefore, the scrap iron in miscellaneous aluminium should be selected in the pretreatment process to the maximum extent. By separating the magnetic separation of iron and steel scrap and further processing, because there are combined mechanical parts of aluminum based non-ferrous metal scrap iron and steel in some devices, it is difficult to separate, such as nuts, scrap pieces of wires, keys, plumbing parts, small gear, it is necessary for the separation of this part, because separation of nonferrous metals can improve and enhance the value of scrap iron and steel grades, but the separation is difficult, generally use the manual dismantling and sorting, but low efficiency. In order to improve the production efficiency, the most effective way to deal with the difficult to disassemble parts of aluminum and steel is to heat them in a special melting furnace to make the aluminum melt out of the waste steel.Casting homogenizing furnace: controlling the quality of aluminium profile by controlling the alloy composition of aluminium ingot. Adopting the advanced proportional heating and temperature control system, the temperature difference is small, the casting adaptability and component segregation of the aluminum rod are eliminated completely, and the plasticity and the strength of the alloy are greatly improved.
Q:What are the specifications of aluminum bars?
Kunshan long hair aluminum mainly engaged in various specifications of aluminum bars, profiles, if necessary, please feel free to mail
Q:Woodworking saw blade diameter of 600 mm can cut aluminum rod
Saw blade for aluminum alloy250*2.8*25.4*100T350*3.2*30*100T500*4.4*30*120T600*4.4*3.8**144TUse: aluminum, Aluminum Alloy 45 degrees obliqueFeatures: suitable for cutting aluminum alloy profiles, non-ferrous metals and so on. The cutting quality is high and durable.
Q:How can a grinding machine smooth the aluminum bar?
The key method of aluminum rod grinding you. My Baidu space have introduced mill aluminum bar, you can go and see.
Q:Bought a diameter of 50 aluminum rods, want to do a cylinder,
Machine bottom, internal grinder, internal grinder, final polishing! But to remind you that the cylinder's raw material is aluminum alloy, rather than the hardness of aluminum processing, and can not be used for long-term purposes.
Q:Formula for calculation of aluminium rods
What is it? If it's weight, it's the volume * density
Q:When an aluminum bar and an iron bar are inserted into the water to conduct electricity, are there any floating objects? Why?
6. aluminum with a hammer, prone to depression, iron is not easy 7. wire insulation sheath around the circle, much as possible (such as 100), multimeter to measure resistance, the slow response of the pointer is iron reaction of aluminum is fast.
Q:What are the requirements of aluminium and copper friction welding for aluminum bars?
There is not much demand, either pure aluminum or aluminum alloy can be welded, of course, the higher the purity, the higher the intensity after welding.Copper and aluminum friction welding machine, we have been doing it for many yearsFriction welding machineShanghai wins spring machinery

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