AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

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Grade: 1000 Series Surface Treatment: Mill Finish Shape: Flat
Temper: Half Hard Application: Decorations

Product Description:

1.Structure of AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Description

AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware is widly used in building, industry ect. Its weight is much lower than steel. So many customers choosed aluminium material instead of steel.

AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware is one semi-finished aluminium material. This strip can be rolled down to aluminium foil.The final thickess can be 5-20 microns.  Aluminium foil is soft, ductile and with a silver-white luster which can be widely used in a large scare of fields.

2.Main Features of AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

1)Excellent weather-proof durability 
3)High erosion resistance 
4)Stable color and gloss 
5)Good mechanical processing performance 
6)Abrasion resistance 
8)High flexibility

3.AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Images

AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

4.AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Specification




H14, H16, H18,O/F


0.5mm   -- 4mm


200mm   -- 1200mm


GB/T   3880-2006

5. FAQ of AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

What is the quality standard?

---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006

What is the largest width?

---It is 2300mm

How to guarantee the quality?

---Customers are welcome to our mill to visit and check the products. Besides, we can arrange a third party to test AA1060 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware.

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Q:Aluminum rods are always black after homogenization, how to deal with 30T gas homogeneous furnace?
1, cast bar surface oil, check the cast well, there is no oil leakage inside what?.2, the incomplete combustion of natural gas burner, check the burner flame inside normal combustion state, then it should be blue point.
Q:What's the effect of manganese in 3003 aluminium bars?
Adding manganese into aluminum to obtain aluminum manganese system antirust aluminum. This kind of antirust aluminum has high corrosion resistance and its strength is much higher than that of pure aluminum. Therefore, the service life of antirust aluminum products is several times longer than that of pure aluminum products.
Q:What about the weight of aluminum bar material?
Aluminum bar weight formula:0.0022 * diameter * diameter * length
Q:The difference between extrusion and drawing of aluminium bars
The annealed (copper rod is not annealed) is much better than the extruded aluminum rod. The extrusion rod is small in use, but the drawing rod made by extrusion and drawing is much better and has a wide range of uses. The latter is the latter.
Q:What are the saw blades of the cutting aluminum bar? What are the cuts on the cutting surface?
A blade used for cutting alloyAskWhat manufacturers of good, one with what type?Chasing the answerManufacturers are very large, we used to cut the aluminum ingot, using a hand saw, it is not easy to use. The saw blade is too bad, the general price is better, the price is not good, it will be broken for a while. The quality of saw blade is relative to the manufacturer. I didn't find it. I only found one point for one price.In addition, what size should be used according to the specifications of your saw?.
Q:4.2 of drill bit, drill bit, old broken... Material (aluminum bar).. please help me, how to do it will do well
The main reason is that the chip removal is not timely! The speed should not be too high, the force should not be too fierce, to drill, retire frequently, not because it is aluminum, that can be hard to drill, and hard to drill, one is to fold the drill bit, and the other is the Kong Zuanpian
Q:30mm aluminum rod lathe cutting, blade 3mm, cut end face, how to avoid sticking knife?
Aluminum rod cutting amount can be bigger, with white steel knife cutting knife, alloy cutting knife can be, knife grinding well, out of long scroll, prepare a small stick, dial it. No crack. No magnets, no sticking knives. No knife grinding out broken pieces, a pump can blow
Q:Formula for calculation of aluminium rods
What is it? If it's weight, it's the volume * density
Q:I would like to open doors and windows type aluminum processing plant, and buy their own aluminum rods to shape the processing, which equipment I would like to buy? How much does it cost?
Want to open doors and windows factory, must have professional knowledge and comprehensive talents, mainly to have a stable supply of funds, according to your inventory, you reserve materials more money, less material cost less, a cutting machine assembling machine, do not know whether or not you have supply? Hope to adopt
Q:Which corrosion resistant aluminum bars 2A12 and LF21?
Mainly used in the manufacture of a variety of high load parts and components (but excluding stamping parts, forgings), such as aircraft skeleton parts, skin, bulkhead, wing ribs, wing beams, rivets and other parts below 150 degrees celsius.LF21 AL-Mn system is a kind of antirust aluminum alloy, the most widely used, the strength of the alloy is not high (slightly higher than that of pure aluminum), can be strengthened by heat treatment, so the use of cold processing methods to improve its mechanical properties in annealing state have high plasticity, in the semi cold hardening plastic is good, when the low plasticity of cold hardening, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, poor machinability. tc.

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