AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

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Grade: 1000 Series Surface Treatment: Mill Finish Shape: Flat
Temper: Half Hard Application: Decorations

Product Description:

1.Structure of AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Description

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Description is cut from aluminum coils 1xxx. The aluminum content of aluminum sheets 1xxx C.C quality is 99% at least. It has great ductility, heat conductivity, anti-corrosion and moisture resistance properties.

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction is widely used for electronics, instruments, lighting decoration, packing industry, house decoration, curtain wall, honeycomb-core panel, sandwich panel, aluminum composite panel and aluminum composite pipes.

2.Main Features of AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

•    Superior quality of raw material

•    Reasonable and stable chemical composition

•    Accurate tolerance

•    Goode mechanical property

3.AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Images 

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

4.AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Specification




H14,     H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32, O/F


0.2mm     -- 100mm


30mm     -- 1700mm


GB/T     3880-2006,EN,ASTM,JIS

5. FAQ of AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

A.How to guarantee the quality?

Customers are welcome to our mill to visit and check the products. Besides, we can arrange a third party to test AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction.

B.When will you deliver the products?

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction will be delivered within 35 days after receiving advanced payment or original L/C.

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Q:What are the aluminum bars used in aluminum extrusion sections, and what are the key customers? Thirty
The working process of the aluminum rod (aluminum - melting - casting - homogeneous - aluminum rod, aluminum rod =) is divided into several alloy specifications, commonly used are 6063, 6061, 6005, 6063A, and aluminum rod is divided into T4, T5, T6 several States, because the proportion of their chemical composition is different, so that the chemical gold is not a physical property, therefore, is not a good. Aluminum bars are often used to process construction materials, process machinery and materials. These are the main quantities of aluminum bars, and the products involved are also wide, and also those aluminum products processing plants. With aluminum bars, it's not difficult to find the field. I hope this will help the landlord, Guangzhou Aluminum Factory Limited (advance card) salesman.
Q:Why is the 6063 aluminum bar not shiny?
The aluminum rod surface is oxidized, polished aluminum, light, in the air will be oxidized, luster degree decreased gradually. In the liquid oxidation method can uniformly, forming a layer of aluminum oxide protective film. After processing or a layer of wax or varnish to protect.
Q:How to calculate the length of aluminium alloy by extrusion machine?
Extrusion = (actual length / upsetting coefficient excess pressure) * extrusion coefficientExtrusion factor = extrusion barrel area / finished cross section areaMaterial length = number of nodes x fixed lengthEnd = extrusion lengthBar length = ((number of nodes x fixed length + cut end) / extrusion coefficient + residual pressure) * upsetting coefficient
Q:What is the difference between aluminum bar LF21 (Y2) and 7005?
There is no good or not good. Mainly depends on personal preference. The law focuses on the outbreak, but it has good and evil, so is luck.
Q:How does an ordinary lathe do a tensile test? A round aluminum bar
Aluminum rod lathe can also stretch fine, self-made tensile test fixture compression test fixture, was very professional and trouble with artificial data, aluminum rod drawing machine specialized design, the host and the auxiliary reference to foreign advanced technology, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable and reliable.
Q:Is A5056 easy to deform after cutting?
Aluminum Alloy with the grade increased, the hardness is gradually rising, can try the next 6 series such as 6061, the machining deformation with selection of cutting fluid, because the process will produce high temperature, Aluminum Alloy heating become soft, resulting in deformation and sticking to the knife and other issues, semi synthetic cutting fluid has good cooling, lubrication and cleaning effect of processing, the most suitable Aluminum Alloy,
Q:How much is an aluminum bar 3.5 in diameter?
Aluminum bar diameter of 2 centimeters to 12 centimeters, the general is 6 meters, go to the head to the tail, the actual 5.8 meters.
Q:30mm aluminum rod with CNC lathe cutting what blade? How much speed? Feed?
With NC3020 blade, 3 mm wide. Speed 1500-2000, feed speed F0.1-0.15 mm / turn, can also be suitable to improve the line. Answer satisfaction, please adopt and give high praise. Thank you
Q:Which is the best magnesium bar and aluminum bar for electric water heaters?
The water heater contains a magnesium bar because the electric heating pipe will react with the tank inside the heater in the course of heating. If there is no magnesium bar, it will corrode the inner liner.
Q:What are the elements of the national standard aluminum rod 6063t5?
6063 aluminum rod is a low alloying Al-Mg-Si system high plasticity alloyHas many valuable characteristics:Heat treatment strengthening, high impact toughness, is not sensitive to defectsHave excellent thermoplastic, can be squeezed into a high-speed complex structure. The hollow thin wall. Various profiles or forged into the complex structure of the forging, quenching temperature range, the quenching sensitivity is low, extrusion and forging after stripping, as long as the temperature is higher than the quenching temperature.

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