Acoustic Mineral Fiber Ceiling with Texture MA02

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Product Description:

Standard Size:

2’X2’; 595mm*595mm;

2’x4’; 1195mm*1195mm;

Thickness Range: 6mm15mm

Edge Detail:

Square edge for 15mm & 24mmT-Grid

Tegular edge for 15mm & 24mmT-Grid

Micro-lock tegular edge for 15mm T-Grid

Available Textures:

Astral Series: MA01, MA02, MA03, MA04

Perforated Series: MP01, MP02, MP03

Fissured Series: MF01, MF02

Sand Series: MS01, MS02

Customized textures are also welcome ifbuyer pays for new-mould charges.

Technical Data:

Density (kgs/m3): 240-280kgs/m3

NRC: ≥0.45

Fire resistance: class a qualification(GB8625-88 STIPULATION)

Moisture rate (%): ≤3

Light reflect: 0.60-0.80

Bending strength(N): ≥60

Sagging resistant properties:≤0.35mm

HR: ≥90%

Main Advantages:

High humidity resistance properties

Excellent light reflectance


Wonderful sound-absorption

No content of asbestos

Zero release of CH2O

Economical Choice

Typical Application Areas:

Hotel Lobbies and Corridors

Offices and conference rooms


Hospitals and other Public Site

Department stores

Super Malls

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Q:What is a decorative plate?
It is a kind of building material used for decoration materials.
Q:Material combustion performance grade
All kinds of natural wood, wood-based panels, bamboo, paper decorative panels, decorative Mianmu veneer panels, printed wood-based wood-based panels, plastic veneer decorative panels, polyester decorative panels, plastic decorative panels, plastic board, plywood Plastic woven, semi-rigid PVC plastic flooring, PVC sheet flooring, wood flooring, brass carpet, pure wool fabric, pure linen cloth, Other fabrics, Flame Retardant Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Polystyrene, FRP, Chemical Fiber Fabric, Wooden Products, etc.
Q:Pvc wall mount how to install
Install the hanging plate when the next from the bottom of the installation, in the corner pillars and hanging plate also set aside between 8-10mm space to prevent thermal expansion and contraction. In the installation of the time not to pull up and down the decorative panels, so that planks naturally sagging. Installed plywood should be able to move freely on both sides. Please ensure that the bottom of the decorative board between the connection in place, do not pull too tight when installed. When installing the horizontal trim plate, connect the first trim plate to the starting bar. Pay attention to view the windows, eaves and adjacent wall panels between the level, neat. Each installation of 5 to 6 hanging plate must check the level of the situation. Nail nails do not up and down the strong pull trim, do not give any tension or pressure hanging plate. In the window under the hanging plate, the first than the length of the window in the hanging plate to make a mark, cut with scissors, and then cut off the excess part of the tool knife. With a punch in the cutting edge of every 20-40cm to play a hole. In the gable on the hanging plate when the first J-shaped bar in the top of the gable, every 20-40cm nail about. The lap between the veneer should be as far away as possible from the entrance or more places, which is conducive to improving the overall decorative effect.
Q:Pvc decorative line and pvc decorative plate sunshine fade it
In the high temperature and ultraviolet radiation, easy to aging, which can not withstand the high temperature and ultraviolet light, are easy to fade
Q:Does the decorative plate contain formaldehyde?
Whether it is high-grade furniture board, decorative panels, and even all the plates are containing formaldehyde! But there are standards! Do not worry about this!
Q:The wall of the house by what things can be blocked out of the best point of cheap decorative plate or something
To Shangdu building materials market to see
Q:How is the medium density decorative plate fixed on the wall
Latex paint the wall, no matter what glue, directly with the MDF bonding, a long time will fall off.
Q:i'm looking for article on amf tuboscope related to siicia and absotos related illiness?
Q:Buick Hideo gt how to open the doors and windows outside the black decorative plate
So ready to ask if you have any questions please come to me
Q:Cabinet cabinet how to choose?
Color, grain, thickness, material, formaldehyde content

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