100% wool industry felt, industry wool felt

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Q:Thailand to buy leather products, there are no restrictions on the number of home
If the mailing, then you buy the store directly to send mail mail Well, where their travel services are in place, three kilograms of 50, yuan, by weight up
Q:What are the characteristics of the leather industry?
With PU resin and non-woven fabrics for the production of artificial leather called PU synthetic leather (referred to as synthetic leather). China's artificial leather, synthetic leather industry development, has become a new development potential of the industry, highlighting the performance of the following characteristics:
Q:Leather products should be dirty how to clean
Leather products dirty, must not be directly into the water washing. It is best to use a cloth or soft brush in the dirt at a rub; and then coated with a layer of Vaseline oil; and then repeatedly wipe the soft cloth, and finally painted with the same color of the oil, polished
Q:Does the artificial leather belong to the business scope of leather products?
That is leather and leather is a different thing. So if you want to say the sale of the business, then the real ones are more real ones.
Q:Is the chemical used for leather care products harmful to humans?
Hexavalent chromium: is recognized as a carcinogen, long-term contact with the skin, the human skin, nervous system and endocrine system poisoning. Hexavalent chromium is easily absorbed by the skin and produce long-term unhealed rash and rash, after cell uptake due to its mutagenic effect and cancer
Q:How to clean leather products?
Clear dust and dirt on leather You can clean the leather product with a damp cloth, and the dirty parts can be cleaned with soothing soap (one liter of water plus two spoons of neutral soap). Cleaning should be careful not to let water into the leather or leather cracks. After cleaning, dry the leather with a soft cloth
Q:How to grade leather products
Ma leather: leather surface soft, small pores, was flat round, slightly larger than the leather leather pores, oblique into the leather, was mountain shape, a regular arrangement. Sheep leather: leather surface loose, small pores, was flat round, soft, fastness as goat skin.
Q:What are leather products?
According to animal species: mainly pig leather, leather, sheep leather, horse leather, donkey leather and kangaroo leather, and a small amount of fish leather, crawling animal leather, amphibian leather, ostrich leather.
Q:Is there any paint that can be painted on top of leather products?
You can use acrylic painting on the leather, painted with iron after ironing must not fade.
Q:How to maintain leather products?
Bag and shoes, is another type of active substances, every day using the same bag, it is easy to cause the elasticity of the cortex elasticity, so like shoes, like several interactive use;

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