High quality needle punched nonwoven 100% merino wool felt

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10000 roll/month

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Q:Leather products always have a very choking taste of what material
Is formaldehyde. Leather after a road process, after the steps are also containing a lot of formaldehyde, but people are the taste of formaldehyde as a puddle taste
Q:LV leather products is not every one is handmade?
If you want good quality and manual, please use the Hermes my cypress crocodile skin although expensive but used for a long time still like a new it is a skin in the selection of the most essential part of the quality of the general ah
Q:Thailand to buy leather products, there are no restrictions on the number of home
You calculate whether it is cost-effective, about a week to the country, I mailed several times, quite convenient
Q:What are leather products?
Were coated with polyurethane and made of special foaming treatment, the surface feel like leather, but the permeability, wear resistance, cold resistance are not as leather
Q:Leather products mold how to deal with
Do not use water or gasoline to wipe, it is best to dry with dry cotton dry oil, and then use a special leather skin care products clean, avoid using shoe polish,
Q:Is the chemical used for leather care products harmful to humans?
The There are two reasons for the production of hexavalent chromium in leather: First, tanning materials, such as some chromium powder in the preparation has not been completely reduced, resulting in trace amounts of hexavalent chromium; the second is in the tanning or storage process, chrome tanning Some of the trivalent chromium in the leather is oxidized to produce hexavalent chromium.
Q:What are the hexavalent chromium restrictions on export leather products?
The For the export of leather products, six chromium restrictions have a lot of businessmen to find restrictions on the method, most of the products for excessive treatment on the line, such as hexavalent chromium or hexavalent chromium can be reduced to trivalent chromium
Q:Leather leather oil is how to produce produced
Can be adjusted according to the requirements of concentration, hardness, matte, light, medium light; adjust the formula.
Q:What is the meaning of leather products cpu?
In 2009, "Kang Cheng" in the development of new materials and key process design has made a breakthrough, small test success,
Q:How to distinguish genuine and fake leather products
Suede leather clothing also known as suede clothing. Fake leather clothing refers to the artificial leather or imitation suede leather chemical products made of clothes, these fake leather clothing in the store also often see

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