Wool felt wholesale/ hard felt sheets 6 mm/10mm

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10000 roll/month

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Q:Which university has "leather products design and technology" professional
Since 2007, after five years of construction, with a well-developed professional laboratory, footwear design room, research and development room, the system to help workshop and forming a variety of fixed assets of more than 1.5 million yuan, the amount of teachers in the province The highest level of professional teachers all have a master's degree in footwear master's degree, experimental training staff with more than five years of work experience.
Q:Leather products always have a very choking taste of what material
So do not feel any harm to the body, in fact, great harm to the body, a long time in the formaldehyde content of excessive local life will cause dizziness, vomiting, allergic rhinitis pharyngitis, etc., there may be serious leukemia
Q:LV leather products is not every one is handmade?
LV is the machine and the hand has. But the quality can only be said that after I used the general, graffiti wallet is not how to use
Q:How to handle wild animal leather products collection certificate?
If it is a single personal collection, to provide physical photos and products of the legitimate source of the local government wildlife authorities (mostly county and county forestry bureau) and municipal authorities apply for filing, reported to the provincial wildlife authorities (mostly Provincial Forestry Department Wildlife Conservation Office or Forest Resources Department).
Q:What are the characteristics of the leather industry?
Artificial leather, synthetic leather challenges of natural leather Natural leather because of its excellent natural characteristics are widely used in the production of daily necessities and industrial products, but with the world's population growth, human demand for leather doubled, a limited number of natural leather has long been To meet people's needs.
Q:How to keep the clothes of leather products?
Leather clothing in the collection before the preservation of dry - the next, can not be exposed, hanging in a cool dry place can be ventilation, can also turn out the lining to dry
Q:Going to Canada, leather products and horns can take it?
The last thing is the same thing, especially the new, do not bring too much, or people will doubt that you are going to take to sell, ask you if there is no tax
Q:How to grade leather products
Cattle leather: is a relatively fine leather, leather fullness, fine light, small pores, was round arrangement, leather plate soft, fine grain, strong, feel solid and flexible.
Q:What is the meaning of leather products cpu?
CPU synthetic leather "was born. General leather material is PVC, PU, CPU is a new technology, it should be a mixed spray
Q:How to clean leather products?
Clear dust and dirt on leather You can clean the leather product with a damp cloth, and the dirty parts can be cleaned with soothing soap (one liter of water plus two spoons of neutral soap). Cleaning should be careful not to let water into the leather or leather cracks. After cleaning, dry the leather with a soft cloth

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