All Kinds Of colorful wool felt 2mm in roll made in China

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10000 roll/month

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Q:Leather products should be dirty how to clean
For stained leather products, it is best to use a cloth or soft brush gently wipe, and then coated with a layer of Vaseline, and then repeatedly wipe with a soft cloth. Finally, rub the same color shoe polish, brush with a soft brush again, you can bright as new.
Q:How to maintain leather products?
Sanding skin should avoid wet water, should be raw rubber rub and special supplies cleaning care, should not use shoe polish. Care should be taken to protect all metal fittings, humid and high salt levels can cause oxidation. Save the leather purse
Q:Thailand to buy leather products, there are no restrictions on the number of home
If the mailing, then you buy the store directly to send mail mail Well, where their travel services are in place, three kilograms of 50, yuan, by weight up
Q:Is there any paint that can be painted on top of leather products?
The acrylic pigment is a new type of paint pigment prepared by mixing a chemical synthetic latex (including acrylate, methacrylate, acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, and thickener, filler, etc.) with color particles
Q:How the ancient Chinese leather made of ah
Dewaxing, pickling: This process is to remove the excess in the process of removing excess alkali; in fact, is a process of acid and alkali. Add the appropriate acid, neutralize the excess alkali, to achieve the required value of tanning tanning.
Q:PU leather products with what glue bonding
PU leather products with glue glue can be used to glue HY-P121 glue
Q:Is the chemical used for leather care products harmful to humans?
Formaldehyde: is a very volatile chemical substances, the human body has a strong stimulating effect. Excessive formaldehyde can cause severe inflammation of the human mucosa and respiratory tract, can also lead to dermatitis
Q:What are the hexavalent chromium restrictions on export leather products?
The For the export of leather products, six chromium restrictions have a lot of businessmen to find restrictions on the method, most of the products for excessive treatment on the line, such as hexavalent chromium or hexavalent chromium can be reduced to trivalent chromium
Q:What method to remove leather parts on leather products
At present, these three things can not get rid of rust;
Q:How to distinguish genuine and fake leather products
The And easy to absorb water for the natural leather, non-absorbent for artificial leather. There are two main leather clothing, that is, smooth and suede.

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