Needle punched wool felt /carpet / fabrics for mattress and sofa

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10000 roll/month

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Q:How to distinguish genuine and fake leather products
The And easy to absorb water for the natural leather, non-absorbent for artificial leather. There are two main leather clothing, that is, smooth and suede.
Q:Going to Canada, leather products and horns can take it?
Leather products and horns can definitely take, because although it is from the living things, has been completely by the industry to "kill" the
Q:Faith Buddhism is not even the use of wool and leather products can not be used
Meat is not meat, but five kinds of plants, also known as five Xin: onions, garlic, onions, leeks and Xingqu, another argument also includes coriander, head (buckwheat head). Fish refers to meat.
Q:Leather products should be dirty how to clean
The surface of the dirt as far as possible can not be wiped with water or gasoline, because the water can make the hardening of leather, gasoline can make leather "leather oil volatile and dry. Can also be a clean flannel dipped in protein solution (egg white) wipe, , But also make the skin bright.
Q:How do leather products decontamination?
Fur clothing most afraid of water, washing will make the skin board after the nitro, hardening fracture. Wash the leather, the first leather sun through, shoot to dust, and then with cold water and small rice flour, rub the fur, until the fur roots, repeated rubbing by hand
Q:Is the chemical used for leather care products harmful to humans?
Formaldehyde in leather mainly from the tanning and retanning process, another fixed after the formaldehyde is also another source of formaldehyde in leather. In addition, some fungicides may contain formaldehyde, which is blue wet leather in the detection of formaldehyde reasons
Q:White leather products are infected with other colors, how to erase?
Other leather shoes and other leather products can use this method. Leather treatment agent has film forming performance, cleaning performance, why not?
Q:How to clean leather products?
Clear dust and dirt on leather You can clean the leather product with a damp cloth, and the dirty parts can be cleaned with soothing soap (one liter of water plus two spoons of neutral soap). Cleaning should be careful not to let water into the leather or leather cracks. After cleaning, dry the leather with a soft cloth
Q:Leather products mold how to deal with
Never use irritant stains, water solvents, turpentine, or cleansers. Because the water solvent will make leather deformation, aging, leather maintenance is taboo
Q:Can leather products be put with camphor balls?
Leather products removed after the best to do some oil on the light care, in addition to camphor balls do not directly placed in the leather

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