Colorful wool felt for handicfats, needle punch felt, colorful felt

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Q:Which university has "leather products design and technology" professional
Dawn Vocational University footwear design and technology was established in 2006, is relying on the pillar of Fujian Province economic industry - footwear industry to establish, due to the lack of professionals, Quanzhou City, major engineering colleges and universities, vocational schools have established this professional , Dawn University footwear professional school in Fujian Province early, to explore their own model.
Q:Does the artificial leather belong to the business scope of leather products?
That is leather and leather is a different thing. So if you want to say the sale of the business, then the real ones are more real ones.
Q:Thailand to buy leather products, there are no restrictions on the number of home
Of course you can, if you buy the international flight checked (more expensive, you can buy online in advance to buy the number of kilograms of affordable points, you can also buy your point at the airport) can be checked back directly
Q:How the ancient Chinese leather made of ah
Tanning: retanning: dyeing: fat: dry: pull soft: finishing: in the manufacture of light leather process, before and after the appearance of the quality of leather products manufacturing and consumer choice has a decisive role, although the inherent quality of leather and Feel can meet the requirements, but the final coating if not beautiful or easy to fall off, will affect the use of leather products.
Q:Leather products mold how to deal with
Never use irritant stains, water solvents, turpentine, or cleansers. Because the water solvent will make leather deformation, aging, leather maintenance is taboo
Q:How to keep the clothes of leather products?
Leather clothing in the collection before the preservation of dry - the next, can not be exposed, hanging in a cool dry place can be ventilation, can also turn out the lining to dry
Q:How do leather products decontamination?
Fur clothing most afraid of water, washing will make the skin board after the nitro, hardening fracture. Wash the leather, the first leather sun through, shoot to dust, and then with cold water and small rice flour, rub the fur, until the fur roots, repeated rubbing by hand
Q:Silk products and leather products which is better?
Dairy workers use chemicals in large quantities, these toxic preparations are discharged into the river, and then pollute the environment and be drunk back to our stomach, causing cancer and cancer.
Q:How to clean leather products?
Maintenance of leather products Under normal use, it is recommended to use leather protective agent on a leather product once a time treatment, treatment, with a small amount of protective agent coated on the leather, until it is dry with a soft cloth can be wiped.
Q:How to distinguish genuine and fake leather products
Suede leather clothing also known as suede clothing. Fake leather clothing refers to the artificial leather or imitation suede leather chemical products made of clothes, these fake leather clothing in the store also often see

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