Good qualiy 100% Wool Felt with many colors

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Q:Which university has "leather products design and technology" professional
Students are free of charge with a high-quality imported computer, a set of professional CAD software, all kinds of professional room all-weather open for students training, teachers and students than 1: 9, the reform of professional teachers and students in the past than 1: dozens of sheep management Model to ensure that each student has been carefully cultivated enterprises and countries each year for the professional to provide the award, grants up to nearly 300,000 yuan,
Q:Leather products always have a very choking taste of what material
Can be more places in the leather put some activated carbon, Maya blue and the like adsorption material. You can also buy some leather in addition to formaldehyde care solution, both to protect the leather, but also effective removal of formaldehyde.
Q:Thailand to buy leather products, there are no restrictions on the number of home
As for the restrictions, it seems not encountered, they would have to rely on tourism consumption to stimulate the economy, limiting the road is not self-broken
Q:Faith Buddhism is not even the use of wool and leather products can not be used
Leather products is best not to wear, because the human needs so tired animals were killed, the need to bear the karma, that is, animals will be anger, revenge us.
Q:How do leather products decontamination?
Leather products (such as leather jackets, leather gloves, leather sofa, etc.) stained with stains, it is best to use a cloth or soft brush gently wipe, and then coated with a layer of Vaseline, and then repeatedly wipe the soft cloth
Q:White leather products are infected with other colors, how to erase?
Other leather shoes and other leather products can use this method. Leather treatment agent has film forming performance, cleaning performance, why not?
Q:What method to remove leather parts on leather products
At present, clean leather leather things into three categories: oil, cleaning cream, cleaning care solution
Q:Leather leather oil is how to produce produced
There are environmentally friendly leather oil, all-weather leather oil, anti-stick resin, pest control oil and so on.
Q:Why is leather products so expensive?
May be because the needs of cattle and pigs often change it, so although the supply of large, but the demand is also large, so expensive
Q:How to clean leather products?
Natural leather products do not make leather products in the hot sun exposure time is too long, otherwise, its color will change. In any case, do not use solvent, floor wax, shoe polish, detergent or similar materials to clean up leather products.

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