Plumbing Question: How do you connect PVC Pipe to Chrome Pipe? ?
not sure, but if you try it, i'd put on some safety goggles so you dont get any stray flyi...
What's the use of an eye patch? Can I protect my eyes?
The eyepatches is only used to alleviate eye fatigue, but also can take a long time, a few...
How do i get the fire hose and/or battery on resident evil 3?
In my opinion, ESE is a bunch of hot air. The link below shows a few scientists/engineers ...
How to disarm my car alarm?
Shooting at the safety glasses before use is a very bad idea. It weakens them. If they don...
what is the best way to pack clothes hangers for a move and then the best way to store them after?
i say go talk to the dealer ship and ask one of the mechanics opinion...
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