I have been tearing out the plastic window in envelopes before recycling, is this necessary?
You don't have to do this, but it will be easier for the city recycling center to recycle ...
If I do weather stripping and seal the windows with plastic, is that better than doing just one, or redundant?
The plastic window kits that shrink (via a hairdryer) work well. No need to weatherstrip t...
Convertible plastic window... dirty?
I agree with John Paul. No matter how much you try to refurbish it you'll still notice all...
Does anyone know if I can replace the rear plastic window on a Mercedes SL500 convertible? It's cracked.?
you can have the plastic replaced - i had it happen to me, it faded to yellow and was just...
what can you use to tint plastic windows on convertible cars?
You can purchase 'window tint' that comes in rolls and at several shades from your local a...
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