How to fix the surface of the tile? How much is the thickness of the tile?
Tile thickness plus mortar thickness of two centimeters....
I am getting ready to replace my kitchen flooring. It currently has sticky vinyl tiles, which I hate. I want a nice tile look for sure. However, it seems it is very hard work installing real tile, and more expensive. I have seen some laminate click together tile flooring that looks pretty good.Which one is best? Which one would last the longest? Any other insight? Thanks!
Tile Vs Laminate...
I am tiling my bathroom and in the process of re-tiling the shower stall. I removed the old plastic liner there and now some of the glue remains on the greenboard. Also, some of the green part of the board is ripped of from when the glue came off with the old liner. Some of the paper is flakey in spots. I pulled off some of the loose pieces, but there is more. Now, I‘m an amateur. I was told to use some grout sealer to go over the greenboard. However, since there are flakey pieces of paper from the greenboard on there still, should I simply remove as much as I can before sealing and tiling? Will the seal glue these flakey pieces down and make them secure for tiling? What is your advice? Many thanks!
I have to agree with answer 1. I tile every day of my life, and while greenboard certainly...
Jinjiang tiles wholesale market where?
Jinjiang City, Ya said Erythrina, Rui Tong, Quanan. China's Fujian Province under the juri...
I am considering learning how to become a tile setter. Do any of you know if it is difficult for women?
Becoming a tile setter is not hard at all. I've been a tiler for 7 years and am now 24 yea...
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