INTEL with the new 8-core generation?
...or is amd going to lead the gameing prossesers AMD isn't leading anything. Apparently y...
What AMD CPU should I get?
AMD's best quad core CPU is not a Bulldozer chip. It is the Phenom II x4 980. It is also ...
where can i find a big company in the philippines to buy a bulldozer?
try Subic, there's always an ad regarding surplus heavy equipment and i know of several Co...
Is there a forum for the Philippines where I can sell my cars and bulldozers? if there is. what is this site?
You might try going to the bottom of this page and click on philippines...
Is a Phenom II x6 with AM3+ MB readily upgradeable to a Bulldozer? Would I have to upgrade any other component?
If you purchase a AM3+ motherboard that utilizes the 800 series chipset and upgrade to a A...
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