who can i call to clean persian and oriental rugs?
Go okorder.com., to locate a certified carpet/upholstery cleaner in your part of the count...
What is a Sisal Rug?
as the first post said you can get sisal in a varitey of colors and styles.....I have some...
good adhesive for rugs?
You can get rug hold from your local hardware store and it should not cost that much. Add ...
What is the main raw material for the production of acupuncture carpets, geotextile, paper blankets, Xupian, warm air filtration materials? Why?
Polyester is the basic component of polyethylene terephthalate two ester, it is also known...
How do you clean a big rug?
The lady at your laundramat can clean it for a small price for she puts it in a giant wash...
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