i built a pair of cubed 2x4 tables,can i use cement board on top?then tile?
With mastic cement you can stick tiles right to a wood surface providing it's flat. I used...
How thick concrete boards are used in the room walls
Not more than 20mm, but also to layered construction, scraping "overnight rough." Local if...
I am going toceramic tile a commplete small brm do I have to drywall or can I just cement board T.Y.F.Y help?
If brm means Bedroom..... And it is going to be used just for that , I would put up greenb...
Cement Board on Hardwoods?
Can you explain better? What do you mean when you say the hardwood is not in good conditio...
Can you use rubber cement on a science fair poster board to glue papers down?
Rubber cement will damage some plastics and polished surfaces. If that is not a problem, t...
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