is there a cinderblock or cement anchor that will hold lots of weight? 200 lbs plus?
Secure the wall to the floor of the garage with something like Simpson Concrete bolts - th...
I'm installing 1/4 inch cement board and ceramic tile flooring to my bathroom floor.?
You'll need a riser piece to add to the drain. Or you could just build the tile up around ...
For what would you use 4'X8' sheets of 5/32 thick cement board impregnated with fibers?
I guess I would use them in a basement insatallation. Or in a bathroom.. It's drywall. Sla...
Do I need plywood and cement board or just cement board?
you should be able to tile right onto your concrete pad. That's how my saltillo tile is pl...
do i switch from cedar to cement siding?
I should be able to answer your question with a question. How long do you plan to live in ...
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