Will the cement board on the decoration be used to blow it directly?
Can be directly putty putty. Its main material is cement, as long as you deal with the "ca...
Can I put walls tile in my entire bathroom that is made with cement boards?
... Ceramic Tiles are suitable for laying in the walls of a bath room from floor to ceilin...
I'm going to apply cement board over water proof sheet rock,anything special i need to do other than screw it
the cement board will be more effective and last years longer if it is attached directly t...
why is the cement-board lintel over my front door separating from the brickwork?
Well you've got some serious movement going on for sure.However I doubt it's the house bc ...
The scope of application of foam cement
Pipeline backfill. Underground abandoned oil tanks, pipelines (built-in crude oil, chemica...
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