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How do I remove the correction fluid on the leather sofa?
Method 2: correction liquid dissolved in alcohol. The clothes with carbon tetrachloride, g...
How does the oily pen on the leather sofa remove?
Clean the leather sofa when you use cotton or silk wet after gently wipe, wipe and then us...
Leather sofa with a sofa towel is good, or with a sofa cover it?
Sofa towel is generally taken on the sofa layer of cloth, mainly for a long time no one at...
What is the best leather sofa?
Brand, then I think Gu family home, around, Kyrgyzstan JISI, summer map Chateaud'AX, feder...
Light color leather sofa how to clean
If it is a leather sofa above the stained with beer, soda, coffee and other substances, yo...
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