i bought a data cable for my motorola v220, where can i get the software to use it for free?
Unfortunately, most cell phone brands charge you to buy their software now. Sometimes if y...
Where to get a usb-usb cable?
you need a data transfer cable. unfortunately, a usb-usb cable won't do what you want it t...
How to make a usb data cable for nokia e71 using old phone charger?
confident once you plug it into the desktops USB port it somewhat is going to attempt to l...
Cell phone data cable question?
didnt you get a cd with drivers on it with the cell itself? if not then i'd say try zedge....
What do i do?. I Lost my USB data cable for SanDisk Sansa e260.:(?
Depending on the size of the USB port, you can buy one online from OKorder, amazon, etc fo...
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