how do i transfer themes i download to my computer to my phone with the data cable? do i need a special progra
Yes, you do need software and it's available for free on the Sony website. Follow the lin...
I heard the data transfer software is built in the Xbox 360, where do I go to use it, I have the cable no CD?
I think it is only on the slim version but I'm not sure. Plug in the cable and wait a few ...
If i buy a 120gb hard drive for xbox 360 will it come with the data transfer cable AND the cd?
Yes it comes with Data Transfer cable and the CD, No there won't be 1 TB Hard Drive...
Do all motorola phones use the same data cable?
Yes! If its the same connection and everything like USB Data cord, best answer please and ...
USB Data cable and virgin mobile?
Asalamualiekoum I believe you can !! You do not have to describe everything in terms of m...
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