The state of high-rise residential building doors and windows materials are not allowed to use steel profiles are expressly provided?
Plastic can not be used mainly to see its ability to withstand wind pressure can not meet ...
How many meters of a conch plastic steel profile
You ask what is the use, to do is to open the window or push and pull, and generally 6 met...
What is the amount of plastic profiles
Plastic window frame and sash with lap way to seal, fan and the box part of the overlap ca...
It is good for aluminum alloy
It is also good for aluminum alloy. The strength of the aluminum alloy is three times the ...
Plastic steel profiles how to open the mouth of the best illustration and the formula there are cross-port V to answer to a comprehensive ah
V-shaped mouth, no matter how much your profile, are the width of the atrium divided by 2 ...
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