It's when u get two ear piercing and there connected by a tongue ring. So question is where can I get it and how old? I'll be gettin it in Rhode island . Please anwser
Daddy didn't hug you a lot I take it. Are you going to get a tramp stamp too? Remember if ...
Im 18 years old and maleI have 4 piercings. On my left I have my lobe and a double helix (a type of cartilage piercing). On my right I have a scaffold/industrial. I know I want another piercing on my right ear, but cant decide what to get. Any input is greatly appreciated.
conch would look great and not make it look to cluttered go for it :)...
I'm trying to understand a problem in my physics book. The problem is this:A person is pulling on a rope, that is connected to a pulley on the ceiling. The rope then goes to a box with a pulley on it, and then up to the ceiling where the rope is connected (to the ceiling).The rope and pulleys are massless and frictionless.The book lists three forces (tension forces) going up and one weight force pulling down.My question is, why isn't there another force pulling against the tension of the rope from the guy pulling the rope?
a million. pass to: study your answer on your question internet site. 2. form in: Newton/2...
i have an interview tomorrow but have a scafold piercing in , its been in there for about 2/3 months nearly healed competely , how ling can i leave it out for , maybe 30-45 minutes? thanks
They take around 6-9 months to heal completely...you shouldn't be taking it out at all. I ...
What are the common rules for calculating the amount of scaffolding works
The independent brick (stone column) less than 3.60M in height, scaffold to construct the ...
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