Which kit did you use?How easy was it to build? How much did it cost to build the panels?How many kw or watts does it produce?Any other info on the kit or panels you built would be helpful.Thanks!
the kit is a fraud and should be ignored. You cannot make a solar panel at home to the qua...
how the power output of solar panels fitted to a house can chargenothing on the internet really answers this question, any information will really help..this is for GCSE, i don't really understand the meaning of the question. does it ask how the solar panel egts charged, and how it works? i don't get how you can charge a solar panel and is heat the only way you can produce electricity for it??please answer if you know! much appreciated!!! thank you so so so so so so so much, in advance =)
Solar panels do NOT get charged, so the question is junk, or you misstated it. Solar pane...
i've heard that solar panel batteries have to be replaced withen 5-0 years. how much do solar panel batteries cost? please include sources!
Depends on how big a battery you want and what technology. A lot of people use lead-acid b...
Why can not the solar panel load directly?
Power supply must be a number of individual battery strings, connected in parallel and tig...
For my exam in science we are required to make a power point explaining why it would be good for our school to switch to solar. our complete handout given to us by our teacher is as follows:Power Point to include:. What you propose for alternative energy usea. Any thoughts on energy conservation...2. Why this is a good idea3. What information you would give the solar company (area of roof space your group determined to be useable for solar)In PowerPoint - include your quot;scriptof what you would be saying when the slide is up in the Notes section below the slideANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRICIATED!!THANK YOU SO SO MUCH,QH
Energy conservation Use sensors that turn of lights and unneccassary equipment when person...
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