New to buy the faucet and bathroom basin does not match, feel some water leakage how to do?
A few days ago to the building materials market, saw some attachments, seven seven eight e...
My cat will only drink water from running faucet?
In the wild, cats prefer to drink moving water. Sitting water may be stagnant and may hide...
Basin basin faucet water hose position is too deep, how to screw down?
If you change the tube, then the tube can be cut with the pliers to take it off, with a pl...
Is the basin faucet to the angle valve?
Can not do, installed the angle valve, then easy to repair the tap point, directly off the...
Want to wash your hair in the basin, but the leader is too low, how to do it?
If you want to install a shower faucet, you install a two-handle shower faucet, the cost o...
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