Do you have to tape and fill seams on cement board when applying ceramic tile over it like when doing drywall?
No you don't have to but if there is a chance of movement of the panels, say on an outside...
What is the cement fiber board
Cement fiberboard, YWN ventilation wall: 1, the annual installation (dry construction); 2,...
How do I get three 50 lb bags worth of cement out of the ground?
Loosen up the dirt around the concrete.......get and old 4x4 , tie a piece of rope to the ...
remove rubber cement from matboard?
hair dryer to warm it and peel real slow...?...
Can you put tile directly on top of green board in a shower or do you have to also use cement board?
With all due respect to ANY who answer, and after installing multiple thousands of sq. ft....
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