How should the seam from durock cement board to Drywall be taped?
You can use the fiberglass tape. Just apply compound on the drywall half and thin set on t...
Slate Wall tile for tub/shower wall. Need help with grout type, tips, cement board thickness, etc.?
Use Hardibacker and seal the seams with tape and thinset. Use thinset to set the tile usin...
how to make homemade cement bricks?
Wood. Four sides to your dimensions and a bottom. Pour your mix in, level off the top. Let...
how to cut cement backer board?
if its backer board, u can cut it with a razor knife, if its Dur-rock( cement board) wet t...
What is the difference between cement calcium silicate board and cement fiberboard
Cement fiberboard, also known as fiber cement board. Is based on siliceous, calcium materi...
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