I have installed cement board ceiling & after painting i found cracks in joints of board.How can i rectify it?
Cement board is used as a sub base for tile. As for joints you would need to fill them, wh...
am Laying Floor Tile and was Wondering if the Mesh Tape for Cement Board is the Same as you use for Drywall?
The mesh tapes are different. Do not use the tape for drywall for the cement board. They s...
Do deck tiles have to be raised, or can they drain sufficiently on flat cement?
the best starting place for your tile project is Lowe's or the HoDepot for classes in layi...
hanging decoration on fiber cement board?
I use rubber cement for a lot of crafts but Im not sure how well it holds up under weather...
Cement fiberboard dry hanging practice?
Receipt to set up a person responsible for management, to carefully check the specificatio...
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