Leak where shower supply line (PVC) connects to pipe (metal) that shower head fits on.?
There is a linkage / metal rod that may have come off the electronic mechanism or the lock...
ok help me with this list please!?
It's a bit much to give answers for all that! I'll give some help for no. 1. 1) Work out ...
I have a 1995 Mercury cougar it is acting like I am going oer mini speed bumps mostly when going up a hill?
The police, in order to dispell rioters and mobs, would use wanter cannons and fire hoses ...
need material thats strong but reflective like glass? and transparent?
LOL no, do u have any idea how hard it is to actually get hit by lightning? You have about...
Why can't we attach lightning rods to huge underground capacitors?
any we get duracell cause they last long...
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