When tiling countertops, can you glue the tiles directly to the wood or do you need cement board?
You can use two layers of 3/4 going cross grain to the bottom but there still is the possi...
am Laying Floor Tile and was Wondering if the Mesh Tape for Cement Board is the Same as you use for Drywall?
The mesh tapes are different. Do not use the tape for drywall for the cement board. They s...
Can veneer cement board be on the floor?
In the first floor or easy to wet areas to be high processing. First covered with moisture...
A grade fireproof material cement board
High heat insulation NK-YB01 composite foam cement board closed porosity> 95%, high porosi...
Can you use rubber cement on a science fair poster board to glue papers down?
Rubber cement will damage some plastics and polished surfaces. If that is not a problem, t...
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